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Genealogy Day

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Where is Genealogy Day celebrated?

Genealogy Day is celebrated in the United States by all the individuals who are interested in tracing the roots of their family tree. People gather data and details related to their family history and use them for creating a detailed analysis of their ancestors.

Who celebrates Genealogy Day?

Genealogy Day, as the name suggests, is not just two words but the hidden story of many. Many find it hard to correlate their family to a particular ancestry, hence, this day is celebrated by all those who have the desire of knowing all about their ancestry and family history.

When did Genealogy Day first start?

Genealogy Day first started in 1997. Ever since being founded, this day has been celebrated every year by all the people who are interested in finding more details about their families.

Who started Genealogy Day?

Genealogy Day was started by Jerry Hill, as a celebratory component of Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW).

Genealogy Day is one of the holidays created to check details regarding your family tree.

History And Timeline

Genealogy Day was established as one of the seven components of Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW). Genealogy refers to the study of family history and origin, and the tracing of ancestors. People have been keeping records of their family history and genealogy for thousands of years. Historically, some churches even had compulsory regulations for people to know about their genealogy.

2500 years back

Guinness World Record

The genealogy of Confucius preserved for over 25 centuries has the Guinness World Record of being the largest family tree.

19th Century

John Farmer's Efforts

Genealogical research was first systematized in the United States by the efforts of John Farmer in the 19th century. Through his efforts, New England Historic Genealogical Society(NEHGS) was established.


Family History Department

The Genealogical Society was established in Utah, which later became a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the family history department.


Curiosity for Genealogy

The broadcast of a show named 'Roots', based on Alex Haley's novel about Kunta Kinte, an 18th century Africa slave in North America, and the life of his descendants, inspired many to look into their family lineage.



The American Society of Genealogists published 'The Genealogist', a journal based on genealogical research.

Traditions And Customs

On Genealogy Day, individuals investigate their genealogy. This can be particularly interesting for people whose family histories have been lost or forgotten, maybe owing to adoption or separation from family due to divorce, death, or other circumstances. Individuals may investigate their genealogy to discover any genetic diseases in their family history. In the religious society, genealogy is sometimes compulsory. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), for example, has a teaching of baptism for the dead, which requires members to conduct family history research.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Genealogy Day

Spare some time from your busy schedule for this day and spend the day with your relatives, especially grandparents, and discover about your family's past and history. Ask them about any interesting stories of your family members, their lives, and try to dig your past. Go to the library and try learning about different roots of ancestry. Make sure to preserve your genealogy for the future generation. Surely, knowing about every detail is not possible, but at least attempting would be fun enough.

Facts And Stats

Genealogy Day is one of the seven components of Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW), the other 6 are Name Tag Day, Namesake Day, Name Fun Facts Day, Learn What Your Name Means Day, Unique Names Day, and Middle Name Pride Day.

National Genealogy Day was established in 2013 in Ireland by Methodist in Limerick, United Presbyterian and Christ Church, to commemorate the 200th anniversary the Church. Family history records held by the regions churches were gathered together so that people could examine the records and discover information about their ancestors.

Genealogy Day is one of the fun holidays created for families to hear and share stories related to what happened to their relatives across the world.

FAQs About Genealogy Day

What is the difference between genealogy and ancestry?

Genealogy refers to the study of family history and lineage, their birth, death, as well as marriage dates, whereas ancestry refers to the origin of one's family or ethnic descent.

Why is genealogy so important?

Genealogy in the religious society was historically often a compulsory study. Genealogy is important because it's important to know about one's family history and ancestors.

What are some reasons for celebrating genealogy day?

Some reasons for celebrating Genealogy Day is the curiosity of people to discover their family history which can be correlated to their own, to help with some kind of educational project, or look into genetic diseases via a pedigree.

What is the importance of celebrating Genealogy Day?

Knowing about one's ancestors and history can be both fascinating and helpful, shedding light on facts about yourself that you may not have known. It is also a great day to remeber and celebrate your ancestors.

What are some events similar to Genealogy Day?

Some events similar to Genealogy Day are National Genealogy Day and Ancestor Appreciation Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 06, 2020 Friday
March 12, 2021 Friday
March 11, 2022 Friday
March 10, 2023 Friday
March 08, 2024 Friday

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