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Get Out Your Guitar Day

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Where is Get Out Your Guitar Day celebrated?

Get Out Your Guitar Day is celebrated every year in the United States on February 11. But, today, it has certainly grown to be a global event that is celebrated across the whole world.

Who is Get Out Your Guitar Day celebrated by?

This day provides a unique opportunity for the guitar-playing community to come together and celebrate all things guitar-related and inspire future and upcoming guitar aspirants. 

When did Get Out Your Guitar Day first start?

There simply happens to be no record of when the first Get Out Your Guitar Day, also known as National Guitar Day, was celebrated.

Who started Get Out Your Guitar Day?

Ever since the first guitar was created, this instrument had the unique ability to get people pumped up about guitar music. Along the way, this day was celebrated to honor the guitarists who revolutionized music.

Every culture across every state of the globe has its own style of playing the guitar.

History And Timeline 

Though historical records and the origin of Get Out Your Guitar Day is not mentioned anywhere, playing songs on guitar and its traditions dates back to hundreds of years. While listening to music gives the mind a relaxing and soothing effect, striking a few chords using guitar brings forth inner healing.

With numerous guitars available these days, grab one of your choices and play a song or two that is stuck in your head. The guitar is a very versatile and cool musical instrument that can be played in different styles of your choice. Some of the popular guitar styles that interest guitarists range from hard metal, rock, funk, classical, jazz, and blues.


Introduction Of Early Guitars

The word 'guitar' was mentioned in the literature works for the first time during the 13th century.


The Roman Guitar

During the 14th century, Anatolian people started playing guitar for entertainment. This guitar was found by the Greeks, later adopted by the Romans and named Chitara Romana.


Guitar Becomes A Popular Instrument

Between the 15th and 16th centuries, the guitar started traveling across the globe to become one of the most popular musical instruments.


Modern Guitar Takes Shape

During the late 1800s, the modern six-string classical guitar design was beautifully crafted by the Spanish guitarist - Antonio de Torres Jurado.


Birth Of First Electric Guitar

The first electric guitar, known as 'Frying Pan', was developed by Paul Barth and George Beauchamp from the National Guitar Company. It became a favorite among blues and jazz players.

Traditions And Customs

With music being soothing to the ears, National Guitar Day is the best time to start if you're eager to start playing the guitar. But, first, visit the local guitar or music store and get a quality six strings guitar. 

If you have graduated from taking lessons to play the guitar well, dedicate some time to introduce someone to the magic of making music using the guitar.

With numerous guitar talents out there, find out where local guitarists are playing in your area and support them by becoming a part of the show. You never know who they will become in the upcoming years.

Ways To Celebrate Get Out Your Guitar Day

Learn how to play the guitar by finding an online source or an instructor for guitar lessons. 

Listen to great guitar music and a song or two ranging from electrified rock to classical choices.

Have fun by attending live music concerts featuring your favorite guitarists playing your favorite songs. 

Organize a nice music party at home and invite your family and friends to celebrate this day. Make them listen to you playing the guitar and enjoy the cool weather as you strum along to your favorite tunes. 

Facts And Stats

  • This is the day to remember the origin of the word 'guitar' which comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for string, 'Tar', or from the Latin word for harp, 'Cithara'. 
  • Get yourself acquainted with the two types of modern guitars available today, electric guitars that use steel strings and acoustic guitars made of nylon strings.
  • On this day you should know that the majority of the guitars consist of six strings. But, 12 and four-string guitars are the most common ones, and the rarer ones include seven and 10 strings. 
  • Get to know the smallest guitar in the world on this day, made by Cornell University measured only 0.0003 in (0.01 mm) in length.
  • It's the ideal time to be aware of the world's most expensive guitar which belonged to Kurt Cobain and got sold out for $6 million. 


FAQs About Get Out Your Guitar Day

What are some disadvantages of celebrating Get Out Your Guitar Day?

National Guitar Day is all about learning how to play guitar, which can be tough for many who are not familiar with the modern guitar. Learning an instrument like the guitar is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Many others want to learn how to play the guitar but can't due to various reasons: not enough time, not enough money, unavailability of a tutor, and more. Apart from this, the disadvantages of celebrating this day are very few. So bring out your guitar if you've got one, and cherish every moment of this day.

What is the importance of celebrating Get Out Your Guitar Day?

The National Guitar Day is an opportune time to:

Salute those who shaped music using the guitar - there have been many great musicians who have truly blessed our ears with their talent. 

Acknowledge the talents of guitarists worldwide - this day gives every musician - famous or small-time, a chance of getting their voice to be heard. 

Inspire the future guitar players - this day has also inspired many across the world to pick up the guitar, be confident, learn how to smash it with their performances, and impress their family and friends.

Offer free guitar lessons and take part in plenty of guitar activities to promote local artists - this has encouraged several people to tutor interested members for free and teach them how to work and just have fun with the instrument. 

Share inspiring stories about guitarists around the world - this day has encouraged and enabled several thousands of musician-enthusiasts across the world to share their inspiring stories.

Who invented the concept of the Get Out Your Guitar Day?

Get Out Your Guitar Day is dedicated to all those musicians who played a part in shaping guitar music to what it has become in the modern era.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 10, 2020 Monday
February 10, 2021 Wednesday
February 10, 2022 Thursday
February 10, 2023 Friday
February 10, 2024 Saturday

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