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Giving Hearts Day

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Where is Giving Hearts Day celebrated?

Giving Hearts Day is an event for charities celebrated in the United States.

Who is Giving Hearts Day celebrated by?

Giving Hearts Day is celebrated by Americans who derive joy by donating to a fund for the needy.

When did Giving Hearts Day first start?

Giving Hearts Day first started in 2008 for encouraging people to donate to charities.

Who started Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day was started by Impact Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF).

Giving Hearts Day is the day to donate resources to participating charities.

History And Timeline

The Impact Foundation, based in Fargo, North Dakota, proposed National Giving Hearts Day in 2008 to commemorate a day-long charity event for nonprofits in North Dakota and northeastern Minnesota.


People With Big Hearts!

The Bureau of Labour Statistics stated that the lower-fifth of American households donated more of their earnings than the highest fifth.


Give Big!

Impact Foundation and the DMF paved the way for Giving Hearts Day as a method for generous donors to support the causes and charities they care about.


Successful Establishment

A total of $500,000 was raised in the first year of establishment of Giving Hearts Day.


Donations In Millions!

Over $19 million were raised through donations making this event a great success.


Millions of People

Over 35,000 people took part and the funds raised left a huge impact on this day.

Traditions And Customs

Participating charities hold events for all the generous donors to attend. STEM programs, medical foundations, arts programs, and many more come forward to help advance this cause. A huge sum of money is raised for charity across the upper part of the Midwest within 24 hours.

Ways to Observe or Celebrate Giving Hearts Day

The best way to commemorate this day would be donating to your favorite charity, be it for any cause and through any means. Nowadays, you can also donate online.

Research any events in your area and encourage your friends to attend with you to make donations.

Facts And Stats

Giving Hearts Day is one of the longest-running charity events in the United States.

Giving Hearts Day will be completing its 15th year in 2022.

Different fundraisers and events are organized on Giving Hearts Day to raise money for various charitable causes.

FAQs About Giving Hearts Day

What is Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day is a day when several charity events and fundraisers become active and people from all over the country take part.

How much did Giving Hearts Day raise in 2019?

Giving Hearts Day raised more than $13 million dollars for US charities.

When is Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day is celebrated every year on the second Thursday in February.

What is the significance of Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day is the day of giving. On Giving Hearts Day, people from every community come together and take part in various charity events, from which the funds raised will go towards helping the less fortunate.

How do people celebrate Giving Hearts Day?

People donate to their favorite fundraisers, host events, take part in rallies, and spread awareness of local charities.

Why do people celebrate Giving Hearts Day?

The funds raised on Giving Hearts Day are utilized for major causes like helping the needy or for the education of young children, so donors and charities celebrate Giving Hearts Day and people's generosity.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 13, 2019 Wednesday
February 12, 2020 Wednesday
February 10, 2021 Wednesday
February 09, 2022 Wednesday
February 08, 2023 Wednesday
February 07, 2024 Wednesday

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