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Global Family Day

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Where is Global Family Day celebrated?

Global Family Day, one day in peace and sharing, originated in the United States and is commemorated across the world as an annual celebration to promote peace and to be a day of sharing. It started as a millennium celebration in 2000. People of all nationalities and origins mark it as a day to celebrate.

Who is Global Family Day celebrated by?

Global Family Day, an international day of new beginnings and a day of peace and sharing, is celebrated by people worldwide, promoting peace, sharing mutual support for togetherness and non-violence towards a sustainable world, and a safer world for children. 

When did Global Family Day first start?

Global Family Day was celebrated as an official annual event from 2001 as a global campaign to show mutual support to world peace. Since then, different member states of the UN have observed this day in their respective countries as well as Peace Day with an aim to make the world a better place to live.

Who started Global Family Day?

Global Family Day was promoted by Linda Grover, a global peace activist. It budded as an idea through a 1996 children’s book by Steve Diamond and Robert Alan Silverstein called 'One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000'. This book was translated into 22 languages. The United Nations General Assembly in 2001 established this day as an annual event. Global Family Day is now celebrated across the world by all individuals and organizations striving for a sustainable world. 

Global peace and harmony are extremely important for a progressive society.

History And Timeline

The origin of this day is believed to be ambiguous. However, it is often thought that this day originated in 1997, with a pronouncement by the United Nations General Assembly. Here are some of the most interesting aspects related to the history of this important day.


Publication of 'One Day in Peace; January 1, 2000.'

The idea of global peace originated from the children’s book, 'One day in peace' written by Steve Diamond and Robert Alan Silverstein in 1996.


Pronouncement of the decade of global peace

The United Nations General Assembly announced the start of the millennium celebration to promote worldwide peace and harmony with the beginning of the decade. 


Invitation to United Nations 

An invitation to the United Nations was sent in 1999 to celebrate the first day of the year as Global Family Day officially.


Global Family Day celebrated for the first time 

Global Family Day was celebrated, people shared gifts and discussed family resolutions. A mutual love for peace, hope, and harmony was celebrated. 

21st Century 

Global peace was promoted across the globe 

In the 21st century, a global campaign to promote international peace started. From giving gifts to sharing food, this day embraces the need to live peacefully in one’s own family and share it among others. On this day, all family members are reminded to share and celebrate. It has become a training ground for people to realize the necessity of world peace and a strong family unit.

Traditions And Customs

People commemorate this day by devoting time to their families and friends and making resolutions. Giving gifts, sharing meals, and visiting each other are ways people celebrate this day across the globe. A day of peace and sharing celebrated with positive thoughts. This day is dedicated to spreading peace and hope across the world, and this is the reason that most member states of the UN organize different events on this day. Many organizations also conduct different seminars and workshops on this day to spread awareness regarding the world acting as one family and the need for peace and unity amongst all member states. As the world is full of different cultures, languages, and religions, it is essential that all countries are able to co-exist peacefully to ensure global peace.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Global Family Day

Families come together to commemorate and share the love during the day. Spend quality time together with your loved ones and talk about the sweet memories you made with them. Have picnics, share meals and go on outings. 

When it comes to family, spending some time together will help you all understand each other a bit better. So, why not take a day off from work and share some precious moments with your family members?

You can also organize a potluck dinner where your friends and family can meet up, enjoy, and spend some quality time together. 

Different organizations also conduct seminars or events in different cities. You can participate in any of these events and also share your views.

You may organize a fundraiser to raise some money that can be used towards helping needy people across the world. 

Facts And Stats

Global Family Day is an extremely important peace event that is observed by various member states of the UN. Different activities and programs are also conducted on this day.

Global Family Day celebrates the institution of family and encourages people to share their food and thoughts with their family members.

Global Family Day has been celebrated every year ever since its inception in the year 2001 with great fervor and enthusiasm.

FAQs About Global Family Day

Why do we celebrate Global Family Day?

Global Family Day, a day of peace, is celebrated to promote peace and harmony, aiming to change the planet into a safer place to live.

What is the meaning of Global Family Day?

Global Family Day, also known as World Peace Day, is a day celebrated to show mutual support by various nations across the world and promote world peace. 

Who started Global Family Day?

Global Family Day was started by the United Nations and originated in the United States of America. 

How do people celebrate Global Family Day?

 It is celebrated as a global day of peace by spending time with families, expressing gratitude towards your loved ones, and making resolutions to promote peace among your own families.  

When is Global Family Day? 

Global Family Day is celebrated on January 1 every year. 

What is the history and origin of Global Family Day?

The idea of a day of peace emerged from a 1996 children’s book, 'One day in peace; January 1, 2000', written by Steve Diamond and Robert Alan Silverstein. It was officially celebrated from 2000 after all the United Nations members received invitations in 1999.  

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 01, 2020 Wednesday
January 01, 2021 Friday
January 01, 2022 Saturday
January 01, 2023 Sunday
January 01, 2024 Monday

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