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Hostess Cupcake Day

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Where is Hostess Cupcake Day celebrated? 

Hostess Cupcake Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is Hostess Cupcake Day celebrated by?

The American people who love cupcakes celebrate this day.

When did Hostess Cupcake Day first start?

Hostess Cupcake Day first started on May 11, 1919.

Who started Hostess Cupcake Day?

The Taggart Baking Company started this in their Indianapolis bakery.

Chocolate cupcakes were popular among the US soldiers in the '50s

History And Timeline

These savory treats took a long time to evolve into their final shape. Let us find out how the humble cupcake become the nations' favorite.


First Description Of Cupcakes

Amelia Simmons wrote about the recipe of a cupcake in her book, 'American Cookery.'


Chocolate Cupcakes Created

The Taggart Bakery in Indianapolis invented cupcakes using devil's cake and vanilla or chocolate icing.


Cupcakes Renamed

The Continental Baking Company renamed the cupcakes as 'Hostess CupCakes' after purchasing Taggart Baking Company.


Different Flavors Introduced

During this decade, malted milk icing and cupcakes topped with vanilla became very popular. The orange cupcake with orange icing also became quite popular.


New Changes Introduced

The white squiggly line on top of the hostess cupcake was added this year. A vanilla filling was also added to the hostess cupcake.

Traditions And Customs

To honor this day, Americans bake and eat this snack food.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Hostess Cupcake Day

The best way to celebrate this day would be to gorge on these delectable treats. You may also try other flavors, such as the strawberry cupcake and the golden vanilla cupcake. You can also try your hand in preparing these tasty treats at home.

Facts And Stats

A fun fact to know on this day is that the first two cupcakes were sold for 5 cents apiece.

Around 400 million hostess cupcakes were consumed in the US in 1988, and more than 600 million hostess cupcakes were sold in the US in 2011. No wonder this sugary treat has a whole day dedicated to it.

Celebrate this day by posting a picture of yourself eating a hostess cupcake on social media.

FAQs About Hostess Cupcake Day

What are hostess cupcakes called?

They are known simply as cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, or twinkies.

Are hostess cupcakes healthy?

No, the hostess cupcakes are not healthy. But you can surely enjoy it once in a while.

Who invented hostess cupcakes?

The Taggart Bakery Company invented this cake.

What is the significance of Hostess Cupcake Day?

This day encourages people to celebrate this iconic snack food.

When is Hostess Cupcake Day?

It is celebrated every year on May 11.

Who started Hostess Cupcake Day?

The Taggart Baking Company started Hostess Cupcake Day on May 11, 1919.

What are the history and origins of Hostess Cupcake Day?

The Hostess Cupcake Day traces its origins to the year 1919, when an Indianapolis bakery owned by the Taggart Baking Company produced the first chocolate cupcake. Legend has it that only two pieces were made on May 10, to be sold the next day. Since these were sold on May 11, 1919, the day transformed into the Hostess Cupcake Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 11, 2020 Monday
May 11, 2021 Tuesday
May 11, 2022 Wednesday
May 11, 2023 Thursday
May 11, 2024 Saturday

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