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Hug A Runner Day

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Where is Hug A Runner Day celebrated?

Hug A Runner Day is observed all around the world. It celebrates the people that run or walk a marathon or race for the purpose of unity.

Who is Hug A Runner Day celebrated by?

People around the world that run, or love and appreciate running, celebrate this holiday. The runners and walkers themselves, their families, people that enjoy a race, marathon, or any other sport related to running observe the day for the purpose of unity.

When did Hug A Runner Day first start?

Hug A Runner Day started in 2010 at the hands of a high school cross country runner. Then a year later, when the runner didn't continue the event, Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher held a virtual event where they received overwhelming support from children, older people, and everyone. Since then, the holiday has been observed every year.

Who started Hug A Runner Day?

The first-ever Hug A Runner Day, which was created by a cross country runner, was actually named Hug A Cross Country Runner Day. The runner missed the next year, so Tim and Adam created Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day for the very first time. From then on, Hug A Runner Day has been observed every year.

Hug A Runner Day is celebrated by all people.

History And Timeline

Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day only started in 2011 and even though it's been around for only 10 years, millions of runners around the world participate in celebrating this holiday.


Hug A Cross Country Runner Day

A high school cross country runner created a Facebook page for an event named Hug A Cross Country Runner Day. The page received an overwhelming response.

November 20, 2011

Tim Catalano And Adam Goucher Involvement

The high school runner didn't continue the event next year, so Tim Catalano And Adam Goucher took the liberty to recreate the event with the name Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day.

Present Day

Millions Of People Participate

Since the first event in 2011, millions of people have participated each year in G.O.H.A.R.D or Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day.

Traditions And Customs

People celebrate the holiday by running and walking alongside walkers and runners and hugging them along the way. Some send them a form of virtual hug and post a picture or two with them. Some perform random acts of kindness by gifting them something meaningful and fun that symbolizes unity.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Hug A Runner Day

You can observe Hug A Runner Day by organizing a group hug with many runners where you embrace each other and promote unity. You can also put on your old race bib and running shoes and sign up for the challenge which Tim and Adam create every year to join runners and run alongside them. You will not only be eligible to win money, but you will also get a chance to add to donations that go to charity.

Don't miss the opportunity to take a picture and post it on a social media platform, and even send a virtual hug. Set notifications for the date and hear some good motivational talks to gear up for the run.

Facts And Stats

  • When Tim and Adam created the event in 2011, exceeding their expectations, several blogs and annual holiday lists picked up and recognized the day.
  • The mission of the event has now become to spread levity and unity throughout the walking and running community.
  • On this day, they even donate and raise thousands of dollars for several charities every year with their 'Hug A Runner 5K For $5K Challenge'. Participants would have to walk or run a minimum of 3.15 mi (5 km) for 10 consecutive days. Once they complete this, they are entered for a $500 draw.

FAQs About Hug A Runner Day

What are some considerations we need to take while celebrating Hug A Runner Day?

We need to be cautious not to hold runners for too long in the middle of their running. We can run alongside them to give them a hug.

How is Hug A Runner Day promoting unity?

Everyone can participate in running and anyone can hug them. This promotes unity by removing all discriminations.

What do runners say about Hug A Runner Day?

Runners encourage and love the appreciation they receive on Hug A Runner Day.

How can celebrating Hug A Runner Day support mental health?

It's an established fact that hugging can actually help lighten up your mood and even help in stressful situations.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 20, 2020 Friday
November 20, 2021 Saturday
November 20, 2022 Sunday
November 20, 2023 Monday
November 20, 2024 Wednesday

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