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I Love Reese's Day

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Where is I Love Reese's Day celebrated?  

This day is celebrated throughout the United States.

Who is I Love Reese's Day celebrated by?

  This day is celebrated by all candy lovers.

When did I Love Reese's Day first start?

This day dedicated to candy has been celebrated every year since 2010.

Who started I Love Reese's Day?

 This day was started by the Hershey Company.

Resse's is now part of the Hershey Chocolate Company.

History And Timeline

If you love peanut butter cups, read on to know how they were created.


HB Reese And Hershey

Harry Burnett Reese worked on a Hershey Dairy Farm owned by Milton S Hershey, the founder of Hershey's chocolate.


How It Began

Reese started working at the Hershey candy factory, where he was inspired to make his own chocolates. He started making candy at home in his basement to supplement his income. His chocolates were a hit, and he set up the HB Reese Candy Company.


Peanut Butter Cups Created.

Reese created the peanut butter cups and sold each for a penny. Hence, they were called 'penny cups.' They became so popular that he started making whole boxes to be sold by retailers.


Reese Passed Away

HB Reese died from a sudden heart attack. His sons inherited his company.


Reese's Was Sold To Hershey's

HB Reese Candy Company was sold to the Hershey's Chocolate Company for $23.5 million in July 1963.

Traditions And Customs

The first celebration of this day was marked by a big Reese's Peanut Butter Cups giveaway. It then became a tradition to have giveaways and contests on this day, mostly organized by the company.

Ways To Celebrate I Love Reese's Day

The best way to mark this holiday is to enjoy any one of the many Reese's products, from a delicious Peanut Butter Cup to Reese's Pieces candies.

Follow them on social media to not miss any of the events or contests organized by Resse's.

You can also buy Resse's Peanut Butter Eggs, available mainly during March and April, which is the pre-sale season of this national holiday.

Facts And Stats

  • When Hershey started an online petition for this unofficial holiday, it was signed by 40,000 people.
  • The first celebrations of this day included 10,000 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups being given away free of charge by the brand.
  • May was possibly chosen as the right month to celebrate this day as it falls between National Peanut Butter Lover's Day celebrated in March and Chocolate Day, which is in July.

FAQs About I Love Reese's Day

What day is national Reese's Day?

This day is celebrated on May 18 every year.

Is it bad to eat a lot of Reese's?

These cups are high in fat and calories, so you should be mindful of the amount you eat.

Why are Reese's so addictive?

The sweet and salty taste of these cups makes them very appealing to every sweet tooth.

Why is Reese's bad?

As a candy, Reese's contains a lot of sugar that can lead to a number of health conditions if you consume too much of it on a regular basis.

How can we celebrate I Love Reese's Day with family?

You can celebrate this day by enjoying the products that this brand offers with your family.

Who invented the concept of I love Reese's Day?

This day was started by The Hershey Company.

What are some events related to I Love Reese's Day?

There are many events organized all around the country to mark this day. You can keep track of them on social media.

Why do most kids like I Love Reese's Day?

Any day that celebrates candy is a hit with kids.

How does this day affect their sales?

With everyone buying and consuming Reese's products, pre-sales for this day and the sales on the day are sure to take a boost.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 18, 2020 Monday
May 18, 2021 Tuesday
May 18, 2022 Wednesday
May 18, 2023 Thursday
May 18, 2024 Saturday

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