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International Artist Day

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Where is International Artist Day celebrated?

International Artist Day is celebrated all around the world as there is no limit when it comes to artistic people and art forms. They are everywhere.

Who is International Artist Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by every individual who wants to appreciate and honor the artists for their work and powerful messages that they convey through their work and also to appreciate local artists.

When did International Artist Day first start?

It started in 2004. This is a day that was introduced in order to praise the artists for their unimaginably beautiful work and to appreciate every local artist.

Who started International Artist Day?

Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist introduced this day to highlight the importance of an artist in our day-to-day life because we usually are so caught up in other things. This day gives us an opportunity to be appreciative of the artist community.

Various events are organized across different art galleries on this day.

History And Timeline

International Artist Day gives appropriate regard to one of the most skilled artists of the last century, Pablo Picasso, whose birthday falls on the same date. Canadian Artist, Chris MacClure, set up International Artists' Day in 2004 to give the artists an exceptional day to have a great time to appreciate the allure, impact, and radiance of their work.

15th Century

Oil Painting

A Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck is said to have used oil in his painting, thus developing one of the most famous techniques of painting.


Metropolitan Museum Of Art

In New York City, the most famous and unique art museum was opened to the public.


Abstract Art

The most expensive and popular abstract work 'Jackson Pollock No. 5,' was created by Jackson Pollock.


Breakthrough In Pop Art

Andy Warhol created the 'Campbell's soup cans' that were said to be a breakthrough in Pop Art.


The Venus Of Hohle Fels

The figure was discovered in southwestern Germany that was made of ivory material by carving it. This figurine is deemed the earliest known Venus figurine.

Traditions And Customs

Tradition regarding this day might just be people going out to visit a museum dedicated to the artist and their work or going to an art gallery as there is no specifically mentioned way on how this day is celebrated.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Artist Day

On this day you can visit a museum, or buy a piece of art. You can also get your creative juices flowing and try painting or learning a musical instrument. You can also attend a local music event. Listen to the famous union address from Bill Clinton made in 1997. On this day, discover underrated artists on YouTube and listen to their work. Additionally, share about this day on social media so that others can also be a part of it. Post about your favorite digital art and the digital artists who you admire using the day's hashtag!

Facts And Stats

The whole world observes International Artist Day on October 25 every year.

This day commends all types of artists such as writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, digital artists, and more.

On this day, the entire world shows regard for the enthusiasm and innovativeness of all artists.

In 2017, in New Westminster, a town adjacent to White Rock, 100 Braid St Studios hosted an event to celebrate this day.

FAQs About International Artist Day

Why is International Artist Day celebrated?

It is celebrated in order to honor those whose work is not pattern-based but is actually talent-based, and their work is so magical in itself that there had to be a day to celebrate it.

Which day is celebrated as International Artist Day?

October 25 is celebrated as International Artist Day.

What are some reasons for celebrating International Artist Day?

It honors the importance of art, it celebrates the creativity that humans have within themselves, and it also praises human expression.

What are some events related to International Artist Day?

Events related to International Artist Day are World Art Day and National Children's Craft Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 25, 2020 Sunday
October 25, 2021 Monday
October 25, 2022 Tuesday
October 25, 2023 Wednesday
October 25, 2024 Friday

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