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International Bereaved Mother's Day

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Where is International Bereaved Mother’s Day observed?

It is honored not only in Australia, where this day was founded but internationally, giving recognition to moms who suffer through the loss of their child.

Who is International Bereaved Mother’s Day observed by?

It is 0bserved by all parents around the world who have lost a child. It is a day where grieving mothers get recognition and acceptance for their loss and help with the process of healing and hope.

When did International Bereaved Mother’s Day first start?

It started in the year 2010, by bereaved mother Callie Marie Dudley, in honor of her stillborn child, Christian. She understood the need for this day when she lost her child and was unable to find hope or heal for a long time after.

Who started International Bereaved Mother’s Day?

Callie Marie Dudley started International Bereaved Mother’s Day for all the mother’s around the world who have lost a child and help in the process to heal and hope again.

The loss of a child can be enormously painful for a woman.

History And Timeline

Motherhood is often said to be complicated. When a mother has her baby inside her stomach, it can be a very intimate and loving time. The growth they see through every ultrasound is miraculous for them. If suddenly she loses that child who had been growing inside her, she can lose hope and feel heartbroken. It can be very difficult for her to heal after this loss. To make this process smoother for mothers with support and empathy, this day was created.


Mothers Friendship Day

During the Civil War, Ann Jarvis, started Mothers Friendship Day to foster all the needs of mothers.


A Day For Mothers

Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Jarvis, dedicated a day in honor of her mother as she went through a lot and still offered her help to many others, especially mothers.


Official Mother's Day

Every second Sunday in May was referred to as Mother's Day and later it was recognized as a national honor.


Bereaved Mother’s Day

In the year 2010, Carlie, created this day to honor the mothers who faced the loss of a child.


Bereaved Mothers And Mother's Day

In May, every first Sunday is Bereaved Mother’s Day to help and recognize mothers who have lost a child and the next week’s Sunday is to celebrate Mother's Day.

Traditions And Customs

Mothers make endless sacrifices for their children, despite the many difficulties of motherhood.

On this day, moms around the world who have lost a child, look back and share their stories and help each other by listening and helping them heal through the process. They also share their stories through the means of social media and help mothers who have recently experienced a loss.

Ways To Observe International Bereaved Mother’s Day

Losing a child doesn’t make a woman any less of a mother. This day honors every mother who has faced this painful tragedy in her life. Bereaved mothers put flowers on their child’s graves and remember them on this day. If someone you know has felt this loss then you should give them a hug or a letter of acknowledgment. As it is a sensitive day, being with these women is the biggest way to mark this day and help them celebrate the memory of their children.

Facts And Stats

A week before Mother’s Day, Bereaved Mother’s Day is observed.

Many mothers can go into a time of depression at the loss of their baby, so this day is to encourage these women and help them move on.

Ann Jarvis, after whom Mother’s Day is celebrated, gave birth to a dozen kids and only four of them survived, so she is also a bereaved mother.

FAQs About International Bereaved Mother's Day

Who started Bereaved Mother’s Day?

Bereaved Mother’s Day was started in 2010 by Carlie Marie Dudley, to commemorate her stillborn child, Christian.

When is Bereaved Mother’s Day?

It was started in 2010 to help mothers who have lost a child heal and rebuild their hope again.

How do people follow Bereaved Mother's Day?

People follow this day by sending mothers who have suffered from infant loss an acknowledgment note or even a hug. Bereaved mothers on this day can light a candle and put flowers on the grave of their kids.

Why do people follow Bereaved Mother's Day?

People follow this day to show respect to their mothers and recognize the joys and difficulties of motherhood. True mothers give us so much and sacrifice indefinitely to help their children grow. It is also to help them realize that they will be a mother to their kid forever.

What is the significance of Bereaved Mother's Day?

The significance of this day is to help grieving mothers heal and grow hope once again by accepting that they will always be a mother to the child they have lost, who will remain in their memory.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 03, 2020 Sunday
May 02, 2021 Sunday
May 01, 2022 Sunday
May 07, 2023 Sunday
May 05, 2024 Sunday

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