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International Book Giving Day

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Where is International Book Giving Day celebrated?

International Book Giving Day started being celebrated in the United Kingdom initially but now it has spread over 44 countries worldwide.

Who is International Book Giving Day celebrated by?

People across the world who know the benefit of donating books to children, be it academic or story books, celebrate this day.

When did International Book Giving Day first start?

International Book Giving Day first started in 2012 in the UK and has since it spread to more than 44 countries. As of 2022, it is celebrated in 44 countries.

Who started International Book Giving Day?

Amy Broadmoore was the first to start celebrating International Book Giving Day.

International Book Giving Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the world.

History And Timeline

The origins of this day can be traced back to the United Kingdom. However, the day has grown in popularity over time, and book lovers from all around the world now participate in the festivities.


The Inauguration Of Book Giving Day

A group of volunteers founded International Book Giving Day with the goal of providing a book to every child on the planet.


Emma Perry Comes To Fore

The responsibility of this day was handed to Emma Perry who is still associated with the day to encourage the reading habit in children.


Printing Press Is Created

On this day, the printing press was created by J. Gutenberg. This invention has made books readily accessible across the world.

868 AD

Oldest Books

The oldest printed book in the world was created. The name of the book was 'Diamond Sutra' which happens to be one of the oldest printed books.


Worldwide Celebrations

Celebrations of International Book Day expanded to multiple countries. It is now observed by children across 44 countries.

Traditions And Customs

This day is celebrated by many libraries, literacy programs, and schools all across the world. Giving a book to a youngster in need is the best way for you to participate. The book doesn’t have to be brand new; it can be somewhat used.

To donate is just another approach to getting involved. The organizers of Book Giving Day promote the festival by sharing stories of people around the globe who are giving books as gifts and providing incentives for book giving, such as seasonal bookplates and other prizes.

Ways To Celebrate International Book Giving Day

The purpose of this day is to encourage the habit of reading books in children. This day can be observed in a multitude of ways. Consider gifting books to children who cannot afford to purchase books. One can also visit a local library or book cafe if he enjoys reading. If you have the intention to go beyond today, get a new children's book and enjoy reading time with your family!

Consider book donations if you don't have kids or intend to elevate your generosity. On this day, a considerable number of book lovers all across the world donate books to libraries or local charities. Also, consider leaving a book somewhere for others to find if you're seeking an even more creative and anonymous approach to following the giving spirit and spreading joy. Some people attempt this by leaving children's books in locations like doctor's offices, waiting rooms, and public transportation.

Facts And Stats

International Book Giving Day is celebrated every year on February 14.

Different events are organized on this day to support the children who can not afford books for their education.

International Book Giving Day is celebrated in over 44 countries across the world.

FAQs About International Book Giving Day

Who started International Book Giving Day?

Amy Broadmoore started celebrating International Book Giving Day. Since this day was constituted, the celebrations have been observed across several countries. As of 2021, more than 44 countries observe this day every year.

When is International Book Giving Day?

International Book Giving Day is celebrated every year on February 14 by all the people who consider books as their best friends.

How do people celebrate International Book Giving Day?

People celebrate International Book Giving Day by donating books to charities or libraries or gifting them to children, strangers, friends, and family.

Why do people celebrate International Book Giving Day?

It may be difficult to believe that youngsters might not even have a single book in this day and age. Many children in impoverished nations do not have access to any kind of literature. In the United States, this is similarly the case. Approximately two-thirds of poor youngsters in the United States do not have access to books. This day is committed to encouraging a lifetime love of reading in youngsters and delivering books to those in need.

What is the history and significance of International Book Giving Day?

Amy Broadmoore and her son created the holiday through Delightful Children's Books and came up with the concept in 2012 after realizing a shortage of books for children in disadvantaged areas.

International Book Giving Day aids in the distribution of books to children in need all across the world. Books for Africa, Room to Read, and Duffy Books in Homes, all based in New Zealand, seek to get books into the hands of children in need, and every donation, whether monetary or in the form of new and old books, matters.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 14, 2020 Friday
February 14, 2021 Sunday
February 14, 2022 Monday
February 14, 2023 Tuesday
February 14, 2024 Wednesday

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