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International Cassette Store Day

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Where is International Cassette Store Day celebrated?

This event is widely celebrated in Europe, Japan, Australia, China, Indonesia, and the U.S. However, it can be celebrated all around the world.

Who is International Cassette Store Day celebrated by?

Record shops, musicians, record labels, and audiophiles celebrate this event.

When did International Cassette Store Day first start?

The inauguration of the first International Cassette Day was held in 2013.

Who started International Cassette Store Day?

A collection of UK-based record labels created International Cassette Store Day. DJ Jen Long, Matt Flag, and Steven Rose were the ones involved in the creation of this day.

This event is celebrated across the world by all music lovers.

History And Timeline

Here are some extremely important historical aspects related to this fun musical day dedicated to releases from bands and albums.


First Cassettes

The company Philips was the first to develop compact cassettes, tapes, or cassette tapes in Belgium.


First Music Cassette

First Music Cassette was released in Europe.


Cassette Players In Vehicles

People loved listening to music, so cassette players started to be installed in cars.


The Popularity of Cassettes

Besides vinyl records, cassettes became a widely known medium for listening to playback music.


First Celebration

For the first time, a group of record labels in the UK commemorated International Cassette Store Day.

Traditions And Customs

The traditional way of celebrating this day is to visit a record shop, buy the cassettes, and listen to them on the cassette player. Your local record shop might have your favorite singers’ songs for you. Also, learning about the history of cassettes and how they came to be so popular is another way of celebrating this day. Organizers like Wichita Recordings, Bella Union, Kissability, Suplex Cassettes, and more have limited releases on this day.

Ways To Celebrate International Cassette Store Day

If you have cassette tapes, take them out and listen to them on this special day. You might also commemorate the day by recording something on blank cassettes if you have them. You might even go to the store and buy a cassette to commemorate the occasion.

Facts And Stats

Wichita Recordings, Bella Union, Transgressive participates with limited releases on this day by bands including At The Drive-In, Hard Skin, The Flaming Lips, and Pulled Apart By Horses.

The labels involved in the first celebration this day were Sexbeat, Kissability, and Suplex.

In the year 2013, over 50 releases in cassette editions were supplied for the celebration of this day.

FAQs About International Cassette Store Day

Are cassette tapes worth collecting?

Collectors are particular about the overall condition and the value they obtain from each purchase. Therefore, all music cassettes must be in excellent shape. However, even though the overall value is high, collectors want to ensure a high return on their investment.

When did cassette tapes stop being popular?

Cassettes began being popular by 2001, with less than 5% market share. The following year, music businesses in the United States stopped making them.

What are some events related to International Cassette Store Day?

Radio 1 (BBC) DJ Jen Long teamed up with Sexbeat Records' Steven Rose and Suplex Cassettes' Matt Flag to create a day dedicated to the cassette tape. On September 7, 2013, the first International Cassette Store Day took place, with over 28 stores stocking unique, limited-edition cassettes. In addition, live concerts were held at a few of the stores.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 13, 2018 Saturday
October 12, 2019 Saturday
October 17, 2020 Saturday
October 16, 2021 Saturday
October 08, 2022 Saturday

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