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International Dance Day

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Where is International Dance Day celebrated?

International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29 every year globally to inspire education and participation in dance.

Who is International Dance Day celebrated by?

The motive behind celebrating the day is to celebrate dance, reveal the popularity of this art form, across all ethnic, political, and cultural barriers, as well as bring individuals together through dance.

When did International Dance Day first start?

In 1982, the day was first started to be celebrated annually.

Who started International Dance Day?

The Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the key partner for UNESCO’s performing arts, started the day.

Dancing is a well-known art form that is followed across the world.

History And Timeline

The aim is to make opinion leaders and governments increasingly aware of the significance of all forms of dance and support them. Above all this, the day has been formed for only enjoying dance and sharing the joy with others. The website of ITI lists the venue of their yearly party along with other promoted events all over the world.

3300 BC

First trace of dance

The most primitive symbols of dance were discovered painted on the Indian rock walls and Egyptian tombs.


Premier of pointe shoes

The pointe shoes were premiered by Marie Taglioni in “La Sylphide” during one of her ballet performances.


Craze about dance

With the increased popularity of pop music, fad dances thrived during these times. The Twist, the Dog, the Hitch Hike, and the Mashed Potato were all heard during these decades.


International Dance Day

In 1982, the Dance Committee of the ITI recognized April 29 as International Dance Day to highlight the incredible talent and variety of dancers worldwide.


Debut of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars made its debut in 2005, which is currently in its 28th season. The show captures America’s love for dancing on the small screen by coupling a professional dancer and a celebrity and the audiences vote their favorite performers all through the season.

Traditions And Customs

One can explore some images as well as other information to know more about the International Dance Day at their website, and share them online using the hashtag #InternationalDanceDay. People can celebrate International Dance Day by taking a dance class. One might not be a big dancer; however, beginner classes are forgiving. Irrespective of the skill level, the day is to expand one’s horizons and try a dance style that has never been tried before.

Ways To Celebrate International Dance Day

There are numerous ways to celebrate the day and to know the reason behind celebrating the day. One can go to watch dance shows. Dance performances often show stunning costumes, remarkable sets, as well as bright colors. If it is not possible to see a show individually, one could visit the website of the International Theatre Institute for videos that feature different dance styles from all over the world. Children could start taking dance lessons at a young age. Those who enjoy dance and continue with it gain various benefits like higher confidence, improved physical fitness, stronger determination to endure, and better capability to listen and understand instructions. Lastly, invite friends as well as family to dance and celebrate the day with you and spread about the celebration photos and ideas on social media accounts on the day using #DanceDay and #WorldDanceDay on the posts.

Facts And Stats

April 29 was selected for International Dance Day since it marks the birthday of the inventor of modern ballet, Jean-Georges Noverre.

On International Dance Day, different events are organized across the world.

This day inspires individuals to celebrate their favorite dance and also learn various new dance styles.

FAQs About International Dance Day

How is World Dance Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated by promoting dance globally, making individuals aware of the importance of dance, and allowing the dance community to promote their work on a large scale.

Why is International Dance Day celebrated?

International Dance Day celebrates all forms of dance from all over the world.

Whose birthday is International Dance Day?

Modern ballet creator, Jean-Georges Noverre's birthday is International Dance Day.

Who started the International Dance Day?

The Dance Committee of the ITI started the International Dance Day.

Why do you think UNESCO has recognized April 29 as International Dance Day?

To honor the inventor of modern ballet, Jean-Georges Noverre, UNESCO has recognized April 29 as International Dance Day.

What is the present status of dance?

Different styles of dance exists in the world.

How do we celebrate International Dance Day?

Each year a message of an outstanding dancer or choreographer is circulated worldwide. The Executive Council and the International Dance Committee of ITI select the author of the message, translate it into several languages, and circulate it all over the world.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 29, 2020 Wednesday
April 29, 2021 Thursday
April 29, 2022 Friday
April 29, 2023 Saturday
April 29, 2024 Monday

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