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International Day Of Families

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Where is International Day Of Families celebrated?  

International Day Of Families is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness of the importance of families.

Who is International Day Of Families celebrated by?

Families are the foundation of society. To ensure the well-being of families is of immense importance in today's world. So International Day Of Families is celebrated by everyone globally.

When did International Day Of Families first start?

The United Nations founded this annual holiday in 1994 to promote awareness about the well-being of all kinds of families.

Who started International Day Of Families?

The United Nations General assembly, in its resolution of 1993, proclaimed that May 15, every year would be celebrated as International Day Of Families. The United Nations Division for Inclusive Social Development first observed this holiday on May 15, 1994.

Family bonding is crucial for a child's growth and development.

History And Timeline

Let's know more about the history of International Day Of Families and how the day has influenced society.


United Nations Consider Founding The Day

In 1980, the UN Secretary-General recognized that families across the world face economic and social obstacles that hamper the stability of families. The Secretary-General addressed there is a need to raise awareness about this issue among the decision-makers of the social council as well as the public.


General Assembly Adopted Development Goals For Families

The UN General Assembly adopted a new resolution called 'Family in the development process' in its agenda for every international year. Their idea was to reduce the challenges faced by families to progress in society.


Sustainable Development Goals

On September 15, 2015, all of the UN member states adopted 17 goals where global efforts were put in place to reduce poverty and discrimination in families.


Families And Climate Action

The 2019 theme of International Day Of Families was 'Families and Climate Action'. This day aimed at creating awareness of how families can minimize the negative effects of climate change in their respective countries.


Families And New Technology

The theme for 2021 was 'Families and New Technology'. The day demonstrated how digital platforms influenced education, work, and social development and what family members can do to adopt the demographic shifts within the society.

Traditions And Customs

Every family has its own story to tell and we all have memories and stories attached to the families that are so dear to us. International Day Of Families is the day to indulge in every tradition you share with your family. Please take a moment to thank your parents for everything they have done. If you are a parent, take your children to your favorite family restaurant to enjoy this fun and meaningful holiday. You can also play family games and watch a movie together. Do everything that puts a smile on your family's face on this international holiday.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Day Of Families

A wide range of events like seminars, volunteering work, and workshops are held on International Day Of Family to raise awareness in society. You can take part in any of them while having a nice time bonding with your family. You can help a family in need, spend time with children living in poverty, and even raise funds for their education. Invite your family members to share family stories and build a family tree, which you can keep for generations. You can also plan a family picnic or plan a day trip with your family to make this day memorable.

Facts And Stats

  • According to research, 82% of children value their parents' opinions more than their friends regarding critical matters. This proves a day dedicated to families is crucial for the overall well-being of society.
  • In 1989, the UN proposed the International Year Of Families, which later also led to the declaration of the International Day Of Families. The resolution was passed in 1993 and first celebrated in 1994.
  • International Day Of Families promotes the importance of a well-balanced and healthy family.

FAQs About International Day Of Families

What was the theme of International Day Of Families 2021?

The theme of International Day Of Families 2021 was 'Families and New Technology'.

How does celebrating International Day of Families rejuvenate you?

Family is everything, and family defines who you are. So, a day where you spend time with your family is the best way to rejuvenate you. 

What is the importance of celebrating International Day Of Families?

The day celebrates all kinds of families, and hence holds immense importance for society.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 15, 2020 Friday
May 15, 2021 Saturday
May 15, 2022 Sunday
May 15, 2023 Monday
May 15, 2024 Wednesday

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