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International Day Of Neutrality

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Where is International Day Of Neutrality celebrated?  

 You may celebrate this day from anywhere in the world if you enjoy promoting peace by adopting a neutral stance on war.

Who is International Day Of Neutrality celebrated by?

 To encourage peace and have mutually beneficial relations between foreign states, the United Nations promotes celebrating International Day of Neutrality at the global level.

When did the International Day Of Neutrality first start?

 From December 12, 2017, this day has been welcomed as international law.

Who started the International Day Of Neutrality?

Turkmenistan, a neutral state, have celebrated this day since December 12, 1995. To mark the importance of neutrality in international relations, on February 2, 2017, the United Nations General Assembly adopted December 12 as the International Day of Neutrality.

Turkmenistan first celebrated Neutrality Day.

History And Timeline

Neutrality here means not taking any side in a war or armed conflict; a country that observes neutrality states national policies of obeying the Law of Neutrality, which supports peace and security in international disputes. Switzerland was the first nation to announce its official neutrality in 1815, but Turkmenistan is the only nationally recognized neutrality by the United Nations. The Day of Neutrality was established to celebrate this designation of Turkmenistan as a truly neutral state. Later, the United Nations acknowledged this day on a global scale. Let's take a look at the timeline in the occurrence of this legal status.


The First Honor

Turkmenistan's permanent neutrality is accepted and supported by the United Nations. Accordingly, since December 12, 1995, Turkmenistan has observed the Day of Neutrality.


Day Approved

On February 2, 2017, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved this diplomatic action to celebrate the International Day of Neutrality.


First Observation

The first International Day of Neutrality was celebrated to promote neutrality among other countries.


Constant Affords

Over the years, though this day, the United Nations has played an important role in holding peace, focusing on non-intervention in any armed conflict, and creating a safe haven for many nationals and their financial resources.


Silver Jubilee For Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan celebrated the 25th anniversary of neutrality on the International Day of Neutrality in 2020 with the motto 'Turkmenistan - Homeland of Neutrality.'

Traditions And Customs

In the face of boosting political tensions and natural disasters, it is critical to raise public awareness of the benefits of neutrality so that countries maintain peace and hold friendly and mutually beneficial relations among them. International Day of Neutrality serves as a necessary notion to achieve and maintain the spirit of nations. It has been a custom to emphasize the perception of neutrality with themed notions on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Day Of Neutrality

If you want to mark the occasion of this day, educate yourself on the importance of neutrality for discouraging world wars. You can spread the observation among your friends and family and social media too.

 Facts And Stats

  •  The United Nations adopted Resolution 71/275 in its General Assembly to observe the International Day of Neutrality without voting on February 2, 2017.
  • Turkmens take pride in celebrating Neutrality Day. It is celebrated with parades, fireworks, and international conferences in Ashgabat, the capital city. It is also regarded as the country's second most important holiday.
  • The United Nations designated the International Day of Neutrality for peacekeeping and sustainable growth by 2030.

FAQs About International Day Of Neutrality

What is the importance of neutrality?

Neutrality refers to the nation's legal status and expresses that a nation does not wish to become active in any armed conflict or war.

What is the policy of international neutrality?

A neutral state implies certain national policies with specific rights and responsibilities, such as staying neutral and not being exploited in future wars.

What is the International Day of Neutrality?

This day can play a central role in the prediction and prevention of war through key functions such as peacebuilding, informal consultations, counseling, mediation, special envoys, and the marking of future strategies in crisis areas.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 12, 2020 Saturday
December 12, 2021 Sunday
December 12, 2022 Monday
December 12, 2023 Tuesday
December 12, 2024 Thursday

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