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International Day Of Pink

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Where is International Day Of Pink observed?

This particular day has its origins in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is widely observed across North America and various other parts of the world.

Who is International Day Of Pink observed by?

This special is observed by people from across the different parts of the world, where people organize various activities in their workplace or schools in an effort to stop discrimination and bullying.

When did International Day Of Pink first start?

This particular day was established in 2007. As the name suggests, people observe this day by wearing a pink shirt.

Who started International Day Of Pink?

This particular day has its origin in Nova Scotia, where two high school students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, protested when they saw another student being bullied for wearing pink. The following day they urged every other student of that school to wear pink shirts as a mark of solidarity.

This day when people wear a pink shirt was established in 2007.

History And Timelines

According to social norms, pink shirts have always been associated with being girly or feminine. Therefore to defy such illogical standards and to stop bullying or discrimination, this particular date of April 13 is observed every year with anyone and everyone wearing pink. On this date, young activists from across the world host several awareness programs.


Don't Laugh At Me

Established in 2000, this particular program raised awareness and educated children from various communities about the ill effects of bullying. It further encouraged students to develop compassion.


Anti-Bullying Alliance

Established in 2002, the Anti-Bullying Alliance, a group of organizations, pledged to work together to build an environment devoid of bullying.


Stomp Out Bullying

Stomp Out Bullying was established as yet another anti-bullying organization to help people from various communities and to educate people.


Kind Campaign

This particular campaign talked about the negative long-term implications that bullying can have on a person's mind and wellbeing.


It Gets Better Project

Established in 2010, It Gets Better Project, an anti-bullying organization, was founded by Dan Savage and Terry Miller.

Traditions And Customs

People largely observe this day by wearing pink and encouraging their friends to wear pink as well. The focus is to help groups and communities that specifically face harassment and injustice and are constantly targeted for their preferences or gender identity. Therefore this day is observed as a mark of solidarity for all of these people.

Ways To Observe International Day Of Pink

You can observe this day on April 13 by wearing a pink shirt. You can also ask your friend to wear pink or gift them a pink shirt as well.

Talk with your friends and family about discrimination and consider ways to stop it. Support your friends and host an event to promote awareness. You can also learn about various anti-discrimination websites and their efforts on the internet and even attend a virtual event.

Facts And Stats

  • On International Day Of Pink, schools and organizations host various events to promote awareness.
  • Wearing a pink shirt on this day is a symbol of support for all those who have been discriminated against or faced injustice because of their gender identities.
  • Discrimination based on race, gender, age, or sexuality is illegal, and this day helps make people who are bullied to be more aware of their rights.
  • Almost 17% of American students have been bullied at least three times in a month. Such statistics prompt people to take days like International Day Of Pink more seriously.

FAQs About International Day Of Pink

How is International Day Of Pink observed?

This day is largely observed by wearing pink as a mark of support. On this day, you should also make a commitment to yourself to not discriminate against anyone or put anyone down.

What is the significance of International Day Of Pink?

This day is to support all those who have been bullied or discriminated against, especially the LGBTQ+ community.

How is International Day Of Pink different from Zero Discrimination Day?

Unlike the International Day Of Pink, Zero Discrimination Day is observed on March 1. It is observed by the United Nations and various other member countries of the UN as well.

What is the history and origin of the International Day Of Pink?

International Day Of Pink was first observed in 2007 and had its origin in Nova Scotia, Canada.

How does this day affect people psychologically and emotionally?

This day provides hope and support to all the victims of bullying and discrimination and helps them deal with the psychological and emotional traumas associated with being bullied.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 13, 2020 Monday
April 13, 2021 Tuesday
April 13, 2022 Wednesday
April 13, 2023 Thursday
April 13, 2024 Saturday

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