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International Drop A Rock Day

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Where is International Drop A Rock Day celebrated?

This rock painting day is celebrated in the United States and many other countries around the world.

Who is International Drop A Rock Day celebrated by?

Creative art-lovers celebrate this rock-painting festival in many countries to spread kindness and make people smile.

When did International Drop A Rock Day first start?

This rock painting day first started in the year 2015 to unite people by helping them connect from all around the globe.

Who started International Drop A Rock Day?

This rock painting festival was started under the Word Rocks Project (part of the Kindness Rocks Project) by Megan Murphy to prompt people to start involving themselves in the fun activity of painting.

Hiding painted rocks on this day is a popular trend.

History And Timeline

This initiative taken by the Word Rocks Project is helping people around the world bond with other people and help them by spreading awareness and kindness. The day started way back in 2015.


Introduction Of Rock Art

The term 'rock art' began coming into published literature by the '40s.


Kindness Rocks Project

Megan Murphy started the Kindness Rocks Project to help people spread kindness.


Isla Stones

Isla had terminal cancer, and to celebrate her spirit by spreading kindness at the age of eight, inspired more people to paint on rocks.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, the most important thing to do is help kids take part in this event. There is no other specific custom or tradition associated with the day except getting together, having fun, and spreading joy.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Drop A Rock Day

You should take kids to a park or any other outdoor space and encourage them to collect rocks and paint them. It could be turned into a scavenger hunt many other kinds of contests for kids; they could all paint rocks together, and one group could hide them with the other group seeking.

You can try your hand at painting right alongside them and paint some things that mean well and spread kindness to help make others smile and forget all worry. This day is all about making people smile with your rock painting. The rocks can be painted with written phrases as well, like 'you matter.'

According to the theme, which changes every year; people write notes on a rock and hide it in places that people could find. This day is all about spreading love and happiness. You can participate in events for painting rocks across the world.

Facts And Stats

Every year there is a different theme, and messages according to that theme are written down on the rocks on International Drop A Rock Day.

The theme for the 2018 event was 'Be the light,' and for 2020, it was 'Together.'

International Drop A Rock Day helps bring kindness and spread awareness about why kindness is necessary.

International Drop A Rock Day was founded in the USA.

FAQs About International Drop A Rock Day

What is International Drop A Rock Day?

It is a day to encourage people to get their creative inspiration and make people happy by spreading kindness through their paintings.

What are some important facts about International Drop A Rock Day?

Every year, there is a different theme, and people all around the world paint the message of the theme onto the rock and hide for others to find. This day is about spreading kindness.

What is the motto of International Drop A Rock Day?

The simple act of kindness that can help a person change and become a better version of themselves is the motto.

What are some events related to International Drop A Rock Day?

Related events include World Kindness Day, International Rock Day, Good Deeds Day, and more.

What are some advantages of celebrating International Drop A Rock Day?

You get to spread kindness and also get to explore your creativity.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
July 03, 2020 Friday
July 03, 2021 Saturday
July 03, 2022 Sunday
July 03, 2023 Monday
July 03, 2024 Wednesday

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