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International Louie Louie Day

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Where is International Louie Louie Day celebrated?  

International Louie Louie Day is celebrated all around the world. It is mainly celebrated in the western states where the song 'Louie Louie' has been very popular throughout the years, such as in North America and Europe. 

Who is International Louie Louie Day celebrated by?

 International Louie Louie Day is celebrated by anyone who enjoys this song by Richard Berry. This is a fun holiday that allows people to come together and celebrate their love for this song. Many garage bands have created their versions of 'Louie Louie', which has become immensely popular.

When did International Louie Louie Day first start?

The day was first celebrated on April 11, 2003. This date was chosen as it marks Richard Berry's birthday, who wrote the original lyrics of this song. Jack Ely, the lead vocalist of Kingsmen, re-recorded his version of the song on April 6, 1963. This could be another reason why International Louie Louie Day is celebrated in April.

Who started International Louie Louie Day?

'Louie Louie' fans first observed this day in 2003 as the birthday of Richard Berry. Then the  Louie Louie Advocacy and Music Appreciation Society started promoting this day in 2007 to acknowledge the song's influence in music history.  

The Pharaos first performed 'Louie Louie' in 1957.

History And Timeline

 Let's read more about the history of the iconic 'Louie Louie.'


Writing The Song

R&B singer Richard Berry wrote this iconic song with his band 'The Pharaohs' in 1955. Flip Records recorded it in 1957.

April 6, 1963

The Kingsmen's Louie Louie

The Kingsmen published their version of Louie Louie on April 6, 1963. Their rendition made the song hugely popular.

April 13, 1963

The Raiders' Rendition

Paul Revere sang the most loved version of this song recorded in the same studio as The Kingsmen.


Louie Louie Day

The first Louie Louie Day was celebrated by the Washington State on April 12, 1985. The Wailers, The Kingsmen, and The Raiders joined the celebration in the state capitol by performing their versions of the song.


International Louie Louie Day

The fans of this song celebrated the first International Louie Louie Day on April 11, 2003, to commemorate Richard Berry's Birthday.

Traditions And Customs

Louie Louie gained popularity when the band, The Kingsmen, released it in 1963. Jack Ely sang it with some killer drum beats by Lynn Easton. It is the most covered rock song of all time and has a day in its name celebrated in April every year. So, honor this day and the song by listening to it with your friends and family.

Ways To Celebrate International Louie Louie Day

 International Louie Louie Day was created to celebrate the iconic song 'Louie, Louie.' The holiday has gained popularity over time, and now it's celebrated worldwide by people who enjoy music from that era. You can observe this day by listening to this song on repeat! Listen to the Raiders' version or any cover you like. You can also visit a recording studio to create your own version of the song or try out some fun karaoke. The song has an interesting guitar solo, so you can play that solo if you are a guitarist to get the song's vibe. Finally, call one of the radio stations and dedicate the song to your loved one.

Facts And Stats

  •  Louie Louie Day was celebrated on April 14, 1985, in Seattle, April 12, 1985, in Washington, and April 2, 1986, by Oregon.
  • The song is so influential that the Washington Senate campaigned to make it the state song of Washington in 1985.
  • Parades are held across the globe on International Louie Louie Day, with various bands participating in the celebration.

FAQs About International Louie Louie Day

When did the song Louie Louie come out?

The original version of Louie Louie, written by Richard Berry, was released in 1957. The Kingsmen and Paul Revere recorded their versions in the same studio in 1963, which gave the song its popularity.

How many times has Louie Louie been covered?

The song is the most covered rock song of all time and has been covered over 2000 times.

Who made the song Louie Louie?

Richard Berry wrote the original version of the song. Paul Revere and his band, The Raiders, recorded the most popular version of the song. The Kingsmen recorded another popular version.

Who encouraged the celebration of International Louie Louie Day?

The creator of International Louie Louie Day is unknown, but fans of the song in 2003 created the holiday. Over the years, this day has gained popularity and continues to be celebrated worldwide.

What are some events similar to International Louie Louie Day?

Some events similar to International Louie Louie Day, which celebrates music, are Opera Day, International Reggae Day, and International Tech Music Day.

What is the importance of celebrating International Louie Louie Day?

The song is listed in the Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A local band of different genres like punk rock and garage rock has released their own version of the song. This holiday provides a fun way to connect and share memories about this iconic song. Additionally, it celebrates the cultural impact that 'Louie Louie' has had over the years.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
April 11, 2020 Saturday
April 11, 2021 Sunday
April 11, 2022 Monday
April 11, 2023 Tuesday
April 11, 2024 Thursday

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