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International Mahjong Day

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Where is the International Mahjong Day celebrated?

International Mahjong Day is celebrated all over the world as this game is played by people from multiple cultures. It is known to unite people of different cultures. This game is played not only by Chinese people but also by people from other cultures who are interested in the tile-based game of strategy.

Who is International Mahjong Day celebrated by?

International Mahjong Day is celebrated by Mahjong fans who like to play Mahjong. Players from across the world engage in a fun session with their friends and family. There are many competitions and events that are also organized across the world by Mahjong players.

When did International Mahjong Day first Start?

International Mahjong Day was first observed on August 1,2018 to spread awareness about the game. Ever since then, this integration day has been celebrated across the world by enthusiasts who like to play the game with their friends.

Who started International Mahjong Day?

International Mahjong Day was started by Riichi Mahjong Central in 2018. The motive behind this event was to promote the game and spread love and peace. Ever since its inception, Mahjong Day has been celebrated across the world with great fervor.

International Mahjong Day is celebrated every year by all the players who like to play this popular game.

History And Timeline

Mahjong has an interesting history. There is a legend that Mahjong was created by the Chinese philosopher Confucius. The modern Chinese game that we are familiar with today evolved from the Confucius cards.

19th Century

Creation Of Mahjong

Mahjong was created in the south of China, towards the end of the Qing Dynasty in the mid-1800s, and became a popular game among people of all statuses.


Mahjong Travels To West

Joseph P. Babcock, an American resident of Shanghai, introduced Mahjong to the West after World War I.


National Mahjong League

Official governing body for Mahjong, The National Mahjong League, was founded in the United States, and it has governed the game in the country ever since.


American Mahjong Association

The second league for Mahjong was created, which is responsible for organizing tournaments in North America.

August 1, 2018

National Mahjong Day

Riichi Mahjong Central established the International Mahjong Day to raise awareness about Mahjong.

Traditions And Customs

The game of Mahjong was traditionally played by family members at gatherings. Visitors and Chinese immigrants introduced Mahjong to the west in the '20s. The game holds significance for American Chinese and American Jewish women.

The game helped the Chinese to make space for them in American society and bond with them. Americans treated the Chinese as outsiders only, but mahjong in a way bridged the two communities. Playing games with them gave Chinese immigrants a sense of belonging and acceptance of their culture.

Jewish American women have contributed to building the American version of Mahjong, which is slightly different from the traditional game.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Mahjong Day

Here are a few ways to enjoy International Mahjong Day:

You can invite your friends and play mahjong with them. If you don't have players or tiles to play Mahjong, you can join Mahjong clubs.

If you are good at American Mahjong, try playing other versions of this game, such as Japanese Mahjong, Hong-Kong Mahjong, or Singaporean Mahjong.

Learn this game. Get enrolled in online classes or ask a friend who knows how to play this game so you can compete with them on next year’s International Mahjong Day.

Facts Or Stats

  • International Mahjong Day is sometimes celebrated on April 30 as well. However, the day is usually celebrated on August 1.
  • National Mahjong Day was rebranded as International Mahjong Day in 2020 as the game represents multiculturalism and has many variations.
  • International Mahjong Day is not an official holiday. It is a fun holiday registered under National Holidays.

FAQs About International Mahjong Day

What does Mahjong symbolize?

Mahjong symbolizes home and culture for many Chinese diasporic communities. The tiles of Mahjong itself have symbols engraved on them, such as honor tiles, which have flowers on them, bamboo tiles and circle tiles representing currency, color tiles, or dragon tiles, and wind tiles (North, East, West, and South) including Chinese characters

What is the significance of International Mahjong Day?

International Mahjong Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the game of Mahjong as well as to spread peace and love via the game.

Did Confucius create Mahjong?

It is a legend that Confucius created Mahjong because of the similar characteristics between cardinal mahjong tiles and the cardinal virtues proposed by Confucius.

What country invented Mahjong?

Mahjong was invented by China in the 19th century.

Why is Mahjong so popular?

Mahjong has regained popularity in recent years as a result of its inclusion in popular culture and films such as 'The Crazy Rich Asians' and 'The Joy Luck Club'.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 01, 2020 Saturday
August 01, 2021 Sunday
August 01, 2022 Monday
August 01, 2023 Tuesday
August 01, 2024 Thursday

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