International Mother Earth Day
April 21, 2023

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Pledge to protect planet earth on International Mother Earth Day.


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Our planet is under severe stress.

Storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires, and floods are becoming more common. There is an urgent need to protect the environment.

All living things are supported by Mother Earth. Our future is determined by her health. Humans have played a significant role in disrupting the delicate balance that Mother Earth maintains. This has occurred as a result of mindless and unsustainable extraction of natural resources, as well as uncontrolled pollution. Decades of such unchecked behavior have been detrimental to ecosystems. International Mother Earth Day raises global awareness about the plight of Mother Earth and promotes a sustainable economy.

Keep reading this article to know more about International Mother Earth Day.

Where is International Mother Earth Day celebrated?  

Every country in the world celebrates International Mother Earth Day.

Who is International Mother Earth Day celebrated by?

International Mother Earth Day is celebrated by environmental organizations, green activists, the eco-conscious public, national and international agencies from all over the world.

When did International Mother Earth Day first start?

International Mother Earth Day was started after the United Nations General Assembly passed a Resolution in 2009.

Who started International Mother Earth Day?

International Mother Earth Day was started by the United Nations, as part of the global movement to support and promote environmental protection and conservation.

The planet is made up of many ecosystems.

History And Timeline

International Mother Earth Day arose as a result of a decade-long effort to promote harmony between human beings and the environment. This significant day emphasizes the importance of protecting our planet and its ecosystems for future generations.


Environment Becomes A Priority

The UN Conference on the Human Environment began the whole movement to showcase the interconnectedness of human beings, other animal and plant species, and the planet. This year both World Environment Day and the UN Environment Programme were established.


The Rio Declaration

More than 178 governments became signatories of the Rio Declaration. The concept of sustainable development was raised for the first time.


A Year For Planet Earth

The United Nations declared 2008 as the International Year of Planet Earth.


International Mother Earth Day

A resolution is passed by the General Assembly to declare April 22 as International Mother Earth Day.


Climate Change

The Climate Action Summit was crucial as it set to advance the cause of climate change. The aim was to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Traditions And Customs

On April 22, the United Nations celebrates International Mother Earth Day with a unique theme. For example, the theme for 2021 was to Restore Our Earth. The aim is to bring to light the pressing issue of climate change and damaged ecosystems, promote harmony and well-being, and protect Mother Earth for future generations.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Mother Earth Day

There are numerous where you can observe this international day. Check the United Nations website for the current year's theme and any events. You can participate in these events and help spread the information among your peers. Think of ways by which you can make your life more sustainable and start practicing these habits. Volunteer in a nature conservation project of choice.

Facts And Stats

  • In the United States, the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 even before Mother Earth Day started in 2009.
  • A theme is designated for every International Mother Earth Day and the theme for the 2021 International Mother Earth Day was 'Restore Our Earth'.
  • International Mother Earth Day was established at the United Nations General Assembly in 2009.
  • In 2009, NASA planted a Moon Tree on the grounds of the arboretum in Washington, D.C on this day.

FAQs About International Mother Earth Day

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When Is This Day Celebrated


April 21, 2020


April 21, 2021


April 21, 2022


April 21, 2023


April 21, 2024


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