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International Mother Language Day

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Where is Mother Language Day celebrated?

Mother Language Day is celebrated internationally and is accompanied by an annual festival.

Who is Mother Language Day celebrated by?

International Mother Language Day can be celebrated by anyone. The UNESCO celebrates Mother Language Day to promote multilingual education based on one's mother tongue.

When did Mother Language Day first start?

Mother Language Day was first started in 1999. This day was declared by the UNESCO on February 21 of every year.

Who started Mother Language Day?

The United Nations General Assembly established Mother Language Day thanks to a United Nations resolution.

Mother Language Day is used for fostering multilingualism and providing multilingual education.

History And Timeline

Cultural diversity is important for maintaining peace both between and within societies. As a result, this led the UNESCO to resolve to celebrate languages and actively encourage international understanding of multilingual education. The declaration of this day was made as a tribute to the Bangladeshi Language Movement to save cultural heritage and promote linguistic diversity.

February 21, 1953

A National Event

After 1952, the people of Bangladesh protested for Bangla not being identified as one of the national languages, even though the majority speaks the language. It has been noted as an unforgettable incident.

November 1999

Mother Language Day Announced

Mother Language Day was announced officially by the General Conference of UNESCO.


Edict Of The Day

The United Nations General Assembly welcomed the edict of the day that led to its firm decision in supporting Mother Language Day.

May 16, 2007

Save The Languages

The United Nations General Assembly called upon member states to protect the languages spoken by the people all over the world.


An Intercultural Dialogue

Mother Language Day was officially announced as the International Year of Languages to encourage unity in international understanding.

Traditions And Customs

Mother Language Day is important as it plays an important part in the United Nations' cultural, scientific, and educational organization. On this day, policyholders, teachers, and families are allowed to upgrade their obligations in fostering multilingualism. There is no particular custom or tradition observed on this day, but people speak their mother tongue and educate and create awareness on how important their mother tongue is. A few cultural organizations even attend the festivals of ethnic groups of different cultures.

Ways To Celebrate Mother Language Day

How can we celebrate this day? There are multiple ways to get creative in your celebration. Consider taking some time to learn the native language of your grandparents, or even an entirely different language. Languages that are endangered can be preserved by cultural organizations and individuals who maintain them.

Facts And Stats

  • With many tools for learning a language, it is easy to learn to speak another's mother tongue. This day supports the preservation of the world's languages in a safe place and celebrates cultural diversity.
  • Mother Language Day admits to identifying that multilingualism can provide sustainable development.
  • International Mother Language Day is commemorated by participating in ethnic events of various cultures.
  • Global problems are solved through political activities and resources. This day provides and promotes linguistic diversity, freedom of expression, mother tongue education, and participation in public life with an emphasis on respect for mother languages.

FAQs About International Mother Language Day

What was the theme of International Mother Language Day 2021?

Fostering multilingualism for inclusion in society and education was the theme of International Mother Language Day 2021.

Who started Mother Language Day?

The UNESCO started the celebration of Mother Language Day.

When is Mother Language Day?

Mother Language Day is on February 21 every year.

How do people celebrate Mother Language Day?

People celebrate Mother Language Day by promoting cultural diversity and multilingualism.

Why do people celebrate Mother Language Day?

People celebrate Mother Language Day to save languages, promote linguistic diversity and cultural diversity along with multilingualism.

What is the significance of Mother Language Day?

The significance of Mother Language Day is that it recognizes sustainable development and the use of all mother tongues.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 21, 2020 Friday
February 21, 2021 Sunday
February 21, 2022 Monday
February 21, 2023 Tuesday
February 21, 2024 Wednesday

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