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International Scented Candle Day

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Where is International Scented Candle Day celebrated?  

 International Scented Candle Day is celebrated worldwide by lighting candles in your house.

Who is International Scented Candle Day celebrated by?

People from all over the world celebrate this day by purchasing new candles from the market and often by offering them as gifts.

When did International Scented Candle Day first start?

There is no clarity on when Scented Candle Day started; however, scented candles became popular as mood enhancers in the mid-'80s. However, this day has been observed since 2019, on November 1 every year.

Who started International Scented Candle Day?

While there is no clarity on who started International Scented Candle Day, it was recorded that the Japanese were the first nation to start using scented candles around 3000 years ago.

International Scented Candle Day is celebrated to dedicate a day to the world of scented candles.

History And Timeline

International Scented Candle Day is celebrated on November 1 of every year. This candle day is celebrated worldwide by lighting the scented candles in the house and enjoying its mild aroma. Scented candles can be used in your house, workspace, and bathroom. It is said that the Japanese first started scented candles over 3000 years ago. This event is celebrated to show respect for the scents and calmness these candles bring to our life. Some of the best-scented candles globally are Citron Blossom Cassis, Beachwood Vetiver and Sea Spray Driftwood, Amber and Vanilla Blossom, etc.


The First Standard Candle

In the 18th century, the first major change in candle-making happened during the growth of the whaling industry. People started liking this wax because it had no odor and a bright light.


Candle As A Commodity

In 1834, Joseph Morgan patented a candle-making machine that significantly improved the way candles were made and allowed the creation of 1,500 candles per hour.


Introduction To Paraffin Wax

Chemists then learned to separate wax from petroleum and refine it, which was called paraffin wax. Although it has a low melting capacity, paraffin wax burns for a long time.


The Decline Of Candle Making

After the invention of the bulb by Thomas Edison, there was a drastic downfall in the candle-making process and it became less beneficial for light, used more as a decorative item.


Surge For Scented Candles

In the '90s, the surge for scented candles rose across the globe and the first company to sell scented candles was Bath and Body Works.

Traditions And Customs

 Before International Scented Candle Day was established, it's believed that the ancient Romans lit candles in the temples and spiritual spaces to represent prayer intentions.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Scented Candle Day

 On International Scented Candle Day, people lit up their houses and even the workspaces with scented candles and enjoyed the day with good aroma and peace.

Also, you may gift the candles to a friend or family as a gift.

Facts And Stats

  • International Scented Day is celebrated to enjoy the happiness and calmness of these candles.
  • These scented candles are capable of bringing joy and happiness with their fragrances.
  • Some are also used for therapeutic purposes.
  • This event is celebrated on November 1 of every year.

FAQs About International Scented Candle Day

What is the purpose of International Scented candle day?

The purpose of International Scented Day is to enjoy the happiness and calmness of these candles by breaking a stressful day and celebrating the event by enjoying the smell of the different scents.

How does this day promote relaxation?

These scented candles promote relaxation by spreading their fragrances that can benefit many people.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 01, 2020 Sunday
November 01, 2021 Monday
November 01, 2022 Tuesday
November 01, 2023 Wednesday
November 01, 2024 Friday

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