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International Tabletop Day

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Where is International Tabletop Day celebrated?  

 International Tabletop Day is celebrated globally.

Who is International Tabletop Day celebrated by?

 Gamers and fans of the 'Tabletop' web series observe this day every year on the first Saturday of June.

When did International Tabletop Day first start?

The first celebration of International Tabletop Day took place on March 13, 2013.

Who started International Tabletop Day?

Boyan Radakovich, a game designer, founded International Tabletop Day in 2013. It was inspired by the success of the 'Tabletop' web series, hosted by renowned gamers Will Wheaton and Felicia Day. This day honors gamers and encourages them to participate in board game events worldwide.

People often celebrate International Tabletop Day by playing board games with their families.

History And Timeline

People have played tabletop games for years. Check out its fascinating history below.

5000 BC

Ancient Tabletop Games

In the Middle East, people play games with dice made of wood, stones, bones, and turtle shells.

2000 BC

Love for Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the world's oldest tabletop games and was especially popular in Ancient Rome.


Monopoly's Predecessor

Lizzie Magie, an American board game designer, invented 'The Land Lord's Game', a tabletop game. Parker Brothers later acquired the game and renamed it 'Monopoly'.


Fantasy Tabletop Games

'Dungeons and Dragons' tabletop game was published by TSR Inc.


International Tabletop Day

The 'Tabletop' game show inspired the creation of International Tabletop Day.

Traditions And Customs

International Tabletop Day is an annual event that brings together gamers from all over the world and encourages them to connect with one another by participating in hundreds of tabletop gaming events. The day promotes tabletop games and increases their sales by urging people to come together and play games. This day is celebrated by playing tabletop games with friends at cafes and tabletop stores or by participating in community gaming events.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Tabletop Day

Host an event at your house, such as a tabletop gaming competition, and invite friends and family to compete and see who wins!

Bring your friends to a cafe that has a table set up particularly for gamers to meet and play tabletop games.

Call fans of the 'Tabletop' web series and watch it again as a group.

Facts And Stats

  • We would not have been celebrating International Tabletop Day had 'Ludus Duodecim Scriptorium', the first tabletop game in the world had not been invented.
  • On June 4, we celebrate International Corgi Day along with International Tabletop Day.
  • You might play Scrabble on the International Tabletop Day but did you know that it was not created by an English grammarian but an American architect?!

FAQs About International Tabletop Day

What is International Tabletop Day?

International Tabletop Day celebrates gamers and the global love for tabletop gaming every year on the first Saturday in June.

What Day is International Tabletop Day?

International Tabletop Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in June. This year it will be observed on June 4.

Is there a Board Game Day?

National Board Game Day is celebrated annually on April 11.

What do gamers say about International Tabletop Day?

This day provides the perfect opportunity for gamers to come together and have a good time by playing their favorite tabletop games with friends, family, or members of the local community. 

What is the motto of International Tabletop Day?

International Tabletop Day is about uniting gamers and enjoying tabletop games.

What are some advantages of celebrating International Tabletop Day?

This holiday honors tabletop gamers and games that have been around for centuries and continue to bring people together in a fun way. It encourages cooperation, healthy competition, and sportsmanship.  Finally, gaming store owners benefit from increased game sales on this day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 05, 2020 Friday
June 04, 2021 Friday
June 03, 2022 Friday
June 02, 2023 Friday
May 31, 2024 Friday

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