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International Tuba Day

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Where is International Tuba Day celebrated?  

International Tuba Day is celebrated in many countries, including the United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, and Japan.

Who is International Tuba Day celebrated by?

International Tuba Day is enjoyed by both tuba and non-tube players.

When did International Tuba Day first start?

 International Tuba Day was launched in the year 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who started International Tuba Day?

Joel Day, a tubist in the Lower Merion High School band in Philadelphia, created International Tuba Day in 1979.

A tuba is a heavy musical instrument often made of brass and comes in different sizes.

History And Timeline

Read about some fascinating events associated with tuba below.


Basstuba Patented

The original type of tuba, called Basstuba, was patented by W. Wieprecht and Johann Moritz.


Tenor Tuba Invented

Carl Moritz, son of Johann Moritz, invented the first tenor tuba.


First Tuba Concerto

Ralph Vaughan Williams wrote the first and the most popular Tuba concerto.


Founding Of The Day

Joel Day launched International Tuba Day in 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Entry In Guinness

Venezuela's El Sistema made the Guinness record for the world's largest orchestra consisting of 8,573 musicians. The orchestra included several tubas apart from other instruments.

Traditions And Customs

The task of tuba players is physically demanding since they must carry the weight and play the large tuba. However, most of the time, the public ignores their efforts as they undervalue their talent and contribution to the entire symphony of the orchestra and marching bands. International Tuba Day encourages people to recognize tuba players as respected musicians and learn about their art to commemorate their extraordinary skills.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Tuba Day

If you know or see a tubist, appreciate them from the bottom of your heart.

Join a tuba learning class and earn a new skill.

If you are a tuba player, clean the instrument and blow the tuba.

Share your appreciation for tuba players on your social media accounts. Don't forget to tag your favorite players and use relevant hashtags.

Read about the life of reputable musicians who play tuba like Øystein Baadsvik, Roger Bobo, and John Fletcher and listen to the instrument's beautiful sound.

Facts And Stats

  • International Tuba Day celebrates the expertise of tuba players and recognizes their physical strength as tubas are incredibly heavy, and their weight might vary from 30-50 lb (13.6-22.67 kg).
  • The founder of International Tuba Day, Joel Day, launched this day when he felt that he did not receive as much recognition from his high school peers as other band members in his group did.
  • International Tuba Day commemorates the Tuba musical instrument, which is the largest and the lowest-pitched instrument in the brass family.

FAQs About International Tuba Day

What are some advantages of celebrating International Tuba Day?

International Tuba Day is about paying respect to the work of tuba players and giving them recognition. When you do so, they not only feel good about themselves and their art but are inspired to participate in orchestras and marching bands more frequently.

What are some events related to International Tuba Day?

World Music Day (June 21), National DJ Day (January 20), National Ukulele Day (February 2), and Marching Music Day (March 4).

How do musicians celebrate this day?

While tuba players celebrate the day by blowing into their instruments and producing lovely music, non-tuba players support and encourage them. 

How do music stores celebrate this day?

Music stores having tubas make sure they are in a sparkly state throughout the day, educate visitors about the instrument and how it is played. They can also play the music of a marching band or an orchestra in their stores. 

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 08, 2020 Friday
May 07, 2021 Friday
May 06, 2022 Friday
May 05, 2023 Friday
May 04, 2024 Saturday

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