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International Writers' Day

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Where is International Writers' Day celebrated?  

International Writers' Day is celebrated all over the world by writers and journalists who express their thoughts in the form of written words.

Who is International Writers' Day celebrated by?

International Writers' Day is celebrated to honor and support writers all over the world. Hence, it is mostly celebrated by writers.

When did International Writers' Day first start?

The first International Writers' Day is believed to have started on March 3, 1986.

Who started International Writers' Day?

International Writers' Day was first started by an international literary organization called the International Congress of English PEN Club.

International Writers Day is celebrated across the world.

History And Timeline

The story of the origin of this day takes us back to 1986, when an international literary organization, called the International Congress of PEN Club, came up with the idea of 'International Writers' Day' to bring together professional writers working in various genres of literature. In this event, the PEN Club works tirelessly to promote mutual support among writers worldwide, irrespective of racial, religious, or national conflicts.


International Congress Of PEN Club

The international literary organization was founded in London.


International Writers' Day Proposed

The PEN Club proposed the day this year.


International Writers' Day Began

The PEN Club started celebrating the day this year.


30th International Writers' Day

The 30th anniversary of the day was celebrated.


100 years of the PEN Club

The 100th anniversary of the organization was celebrated this year.

Traditions And Customs

On International Writers' Day, one can motivate their friends, family members, and colleagues to buy and read some interesting books. For example, people could raise awareness about the day by sharing them on social media with #InternationalWritersDay.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate International Writers' Day

On International Writers' Day, one could spend the day reading different genres of various writers and motivating others to do the same. You can also visit libraries or book cafes to enjoy a quiet reading time among other readers. People can also organize and participate in various events on this day to appreciate various types of reading content available. You can gift books or novels from your favorite authors to your friends. If you have kids, you can buy them storybooks and other children's fiction books. One can also post images on social media and share about the day to create awareness about different writers using #WritersDay.

Facts And Stats

In 2016, the 30 years of existence of this day were celebrated all over the world.

This day aims towards creating a conducive world for literature and writing enthusiasts, published or unpublished, by giving them opportunities to bring their ideas alive in the written form.

In addition, new writers are provided the resources they need to make complete use of their ability to move worlds with their words on this day.

In 2021, Writer's Day completed 35 years of encouraging and inspiring writers all over the world.

FAQs About International Writers' Day

What is the significance of Writers Day?

The significance of Writers Day is to honor and support writers all over the world.

Which writer is most popular in the world?

William Shakespeare is the most popular writer in the world.

Which country has the best writers?

Even though there is no factually found country with the best writers, however, since France has won maximum awards in literature and writing, it is believed that it has the best writers.

Which country has the richest literature?

France has the richest writing culture and has been shaping people's lifestyles for centuries now.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 03, 2020 Tuesday
March 03, 2021 Wednesday
March 03, 2022 Thursday
March 03, 2023 Friday
March 03, 2024 Sunday

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