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Johnny Appleseed Day

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Where is National Johnny Appleseed Day celebrated?

National Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated in the USA, keeping in mind that Johnny Appleseed is a historical figure of the United States itself who popularized apple trees across the US.

Who is National Johnny Appleseed Day celebrated by?

National Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated by all apple lovers and the people of the United States of America who intend to keep their country's rich heritage of apple trees alive.

When did National Johnny Appleseed Day first start?

There is not much information to pinpoint the origin of National Johnny Appleseed Day. But irrespective of that, this national day is celebrated across the US by people who enjoy apples.

Who started National Johnny Appleseed Day?

There is not much substantive information to prove who started Johnny Appleseed Day.

There is an entire park that has been named after the American pioneer, Johnny Appleseed.

History And Timeline

The sight of an apple tree during the planting season is a sight to behold, but how did these trees become common across the US? The credit goes to Johnny Appleseed, who planted many apple trees. Here are some of the important events in history which helped make this day popular across the US:


Johnny Appleseed Was Born

The legendary and historical figure John Chapman was born in 1774 in Massachusetts.


Out To The West

Johnny Appleseed went out to the west to Pennsylvania to start leading his nomadic life.


Death Of John Chapman

Johnny Appleseed died a vagabond and a nomad in Indiana, leaving behind an estate of 1200 acres (485.6 hectares).


Johnny Appleseed Memorial

Johnny Appleseed Memorial was constructed in South Park, Ohio, in order to honor the man for his fruity achievements.


Historical Place

Johnny Appleseed Memorial was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1973.

Traditions And Customs

You can enjoy an apple pie or an apple cider drink on this particular day. You can also go to your nearest orchard and buy apples to make beautiful and delicious dishes out of them.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Johnny Appleseed Day

Enjoying the incredibly delicious fruit which the great Johnny Appleseed helped become popular all over the United States is the ideal way to commemorate National Johnny Appleseed Day. Take some time to savor the (literal) fruits of his labors, whether it's a fresh apple right from the tree or indulging in the rich taste of flavorful apple pies. You can plant your own apple tree to celebrate this day or make a visit to the Johnny Appleseed lane.

Facts And Stats

Other than National Johnny Appleseed Day, National Family Day and Lumberjack Day are celebrated on September 26.

National Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated on the occasion of the birth of John Chapman who was called Johnny Appleseed because of his immense contribution to the apple industry.

Different events are organized across the US to commemorate the National Johnny Appleseed Day.

FAQs About Johnny Appleseed Day

Was Johnny Appleseed real?

Yes, he was confirmed by the name of John Chapman, born in Massachusetts.

What are some benefits of Johnny Appleseed Day?

The historical figure of John Chapman is recalled, and people of the United States of America enjoy different dishes of apples on this day. On this day people get to appreciate the importance of Apples across the US.

How is Johnny Appleseed Day different from Apple Day?

Johnny Appleseed Day is different from Apple Day because Apple day is solely for the celebration and promotion of apples. Instead, Johnny Appleseed Day recalls the legacy of John Chapman.

Some similarities between Johnny Appleseed Day and Red Apple Day?

Johnny Appleseed Day and Red Apple Day celebrate apples' promotion, which is similar in each case.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 26, 2020 Saturday
September 26, 2021 Sunday
September 26, 2022 Monday
September 26, 2023 Tuesday
September 26, 2024 Thursday

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