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Kamehameha Day

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Where is Kamehameha Day celebrated?  

Kamehameha Day is celebrated in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

Who is Kamehameha Day celebrated by?

The people of Hawaii celebrate Kamehameha Day.

When did Kamehameha Day first start?

Kamehameha Day was established by King Kamehameha V on December 22, 1871, by a royal decree.

Who started Kamehameha Day?

King Kamehameha V started the day with a royal decree to honor his grandfather Kamehameha I.

A magnificent display of culture is presented in the parade during the celebration of Kamehameha Day.

History And Timeline

King Kamehameha united the Hawaii islands in 1810. He also established laws to protect defenseless travelers; the revised version became a part of the Hawaii state constitution in 1978. The Kamehameha Day celebration was first established in 1871 as a national holiday of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Kamehameha Day is commemorated for the warrior king by the people of Hawaii to celebrate the achievements of Kamehameha the Great.


The King Is Born

The warrior king Kamehameha I was born.


Kamehameha Becomes The King

Kamehameha became the King defeating his uncle's son.


Hawaii Islands United

Kamehameha took over and ruled the Hawaii Islands.


First Kamehameha Day Celebrated

A royal order passed for Kamehameha Day in 1872.


A Film - 'The King'

Dwayne starred film 'The King' started shooting.

Traditions And Customs

When it achieved statehood in 1950, Kamehameha Day was one of the first holidays adopted by Hawaii.

The statue of Kamehameha is decorated with leis flowers. Ceremonial parades depicting Hawaiian culture are conducted.

The Festival was a royal decree of Kamehameha I that takes place every year on Kamehameha Day-June 11 in Hilo, Hawaii. Kamehameha Day is commemorated to remember the warrior king with grand celebrations, flower decorations, colorful floats, parades by local bands, fairs, carnivals, cycle races, foot races, horse races, and ono food are enjoyed by island residents and visitors from around the world.

All county and state offices on the Big Island will be closed. The statue of Kamehameha - 'The Conqueror' and the other four statues located in Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. are all decorated with leis flowers.

The event is observed with traditional Hula performances in the United States Capitol. The Annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade is conducted in Waikiki, a district in Honolulu. A magnificent Hawaiian cultural display with a colorful display and dazzling pageantry is a true feast for the eyes.

City workers carry strings of flowers stitched by members and volunteers of royal societies in a bucket truck to adorn the statue of King Kamehameha. Lei flowers are kept on the outstretched arms of King Kamehameha statues of the King on the islands.

The Lei Draping Ceremony of the King Kamehameha Statue in Honolulu is considered the most photographed event on the island commemorating this fierce warrior king.

Today, the Festival is a tribute to Kamehameha and an act to perpetuate, preserve, and protect the Hawaiian culture. The Festival features traditional Hawaiian


Ways To Celebrate Kamehameha Day

We can visit all six King Kamehameha statues across the U.S., one in Las Vegas, four on the islands, and the sixth in Washington, D.C.

We can honor King Kamehameha at home by offering lei flowers. On the great warrior king's day, we can string flowers and hang them around the necks of statues of respected people, dear ones, and visitors.


Facts And Stats

Kamehameha I was the King of Hawaii from 1782 and 1819.

Kamehameha was credited with uniting and establishing the Hawaiian Islands in 1810.

Kamehameha is also known as the Napoleon of the Pacific.

Kamehameha the Great was born on the day Haley's Comet passed through Hawaii, and his birth and legacy were prophesied.

The unification of the islands is of great importance because it territorially and culturally protected the people living on small islands.

Hawaii is formed by Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Kalawao, and HawaiÊ, and 137 islands.

Major islands have their official flowers and colors.

The kingdom of Hawaii was ruled by Hale O Kamehameha -the House of Kamehameha. They were the first royal family on the island.

On Kamehameha Day, Ho'olaule, ' a festival or celebration, and floral parades are conducted.

Except for Hawaii, it is not a holiday in other states of the United States.

In the U.S., only in Hawaii, Kamehameha Day is a holiday.

FAQs About Kamehameha Day

Why do we celebrate Kamehameha Day?

We celebrate Kamehameha Day to honor King Kamehameha, who ruled Hawaii Islands from 1782 to 1819.

Who Started Kamehameha Day?

The great-grandson Kamehameha V started this Day.

How do families celebrate Kamehameha Day?

We can celebrate by offering lei flowers to the statues of Kamehameha.

What are some important facts about Kamehameha Day?

It is a national holiday of the Kingdom of Hawaii; it was one of the first holidays adopted by Hawaii when it achieved statehood in 1959.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
June 10, 2020 Wednesday
June 10, 2021 Thursday
June 10, 2022 Friday
June 10, 2023 Saturday
June 10, 2024 Monday

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