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Kool-Aid Day

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Where is Kool-Aid Day celebrated?

Kool Aid Day is celebrated in Hastings, Nebraska, the United States. However, anyone around the world can celebrate it.

Who is Kool-Aid Day celebrated by?

It is celebrated by people who love Kool-Aid, and the festival features carnival games, trolley rides, festival foods, traditional Kool-Aid stand, and several other events. Attendees must visit the website for more information.

When did Kool-Aid Day first start?

It started in 1998 after becoming Nebraska’s official state drink. Now people of all ages gather to celebrate the different fun events.

Who started Kool-Aid Day?

Edwin Perkins started Kool-Aid Day to honor the popular drink that led to the creation of the Kool-Aid stand.

People of all ages gather at Hastings Park to enjoy fun events and exhibits at the festival.

History And Timeline

Kool-Aid was known as Kool-Ade and its production moved from Hastings to Chicago in 1931. It was also declared Nebraska’s official state drink. Here are some of the most important events related to the creation of this day:


Perkins Products Company

Edward Perkins created the Perkins Products Company in 1920 and created the Fruit Smack.


Powdered Form

In 1927, to reduce the cost of shipping, Perkins made Kool-Aid into a powdered form.


Kool-Aid Name

Perkins changed the name to ‘Kool Ade’ first, and then it was changed to ‘Kool-Aid’ and it was trademarked.


General Foods

Perkins sold Kool-Aid to General Foods in 1953.


Kool-Aid Day

Kool-Aid Day began in 1998 after it was officially made the state drink.

Traditions And Customs

The tradition of this day is to drink some Kool-Aid and get as many flavors for yourself to try as you can. Different events are organized at the festival over the weekend, especially Saturday night, where kids and adults have a fun time enjoying the various exhibits and attractions on offer.

The Kool Aid Day festival features festival foods, Kardboard boat racing at Lake Hastings, giant inflatable rides, carnival games, trolley rides, model rocket launches, concerts at Brickyard Park, a superscreen theater, a grand parade at Downtown Hastings, and many other exhibits.

Ways To Celebrate Kool-Aid Day

To observe this day, start by drinking some Kool-Aid. There are many flavors that you can choose from. You can even participate in the Kwickest Kool-Aid Drinking Contest. You can go and visit the Hastings Museum, where you can see an exhibition on Kool-Aid. You must visit the Kool Aid Festival, organized over the weekend, where different exhibits and attractions are available for kids and adults looking for some fun.

Facts And Stats

  • The Kool-Aid Day Festival is observed on the second weekend of August, when different fun events are organized for kids and adults.
  • Different events are organized at Hastings Museum to commemorate this important festival.
  • Tickets for the Kool-Aid Day Festival are available only on the official website. Prior bookings are essential for the participants.

FAQs About Kool-Aid Day

What day is National Kool-Aid Day in 2021?

It was on August 13, 2021, a Friday.

What day is Kool-Aid Day?

Kool-Aid Day falls on the second Friday of August.

How can celebrating Kool-Aid Day rejuvenate you?

Kool-Aid is a cool and rejuvenating drink that has a lip-smacking flavor that people enjoy on this day. Different events organized on this day also allow you an opportunity to relax and unwind.

What is the significance of Kool-Aid Day?

Kool-Aid Day is extremely important as it allows people to enjoy and celebrate this highly popular drink.

What are some of the benefits of celebrating Kool-Aid Day?

Kool-Aid Day is extremely beneficial as there are various events that are organized in Nebraska that allow people to not only enjoy Kool-Aid but also relax and unwind during the celebrations.

What are the conditions for celebrating Kool-Aid Day?

It is important that you book your tickets for the festival online before attending the event and also ensure that no one else is disturbed by the celebrations.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 13, 2020 Thursday
August 12, 2021 Thursday
August 11, 2022 Thursday
August 10, 2023 Thursday
August 08, 2024 Thursday

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