Lego Day
January 28, 2023

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Lego bricks are plastic toys that can construct small toy houses, buildings, whatever you choose!

It's a group of plastic bricks that have entertained not only young kids but also the adults in the family. And not only bricks, but it also comes with a lot of Lego minifigures and comes in one big Lego set.

Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter in 1932 in a small town Billund in central Denmark, began making wooden toys. After two years, his company was given the name 'Lego' which literally means 'play well' in Danish. It was not until 1947 and 1949, the company started making plastic toys and interconnecting bricks to form all sorts of things. The original Lego brick set came in loose sets of tiny bricks. Today the Lego group has come up with a diverse range of toys. What's contained in different sets varies from set to set. The bigger you buy, the larger the variety of things you get to create. The most recent sets also come with Lego wooden toys, Lego flowers, Lego minifigures, and many more. Not only that, Lego has also collaborated with several popular franchises such as Batman, Superman, Harry Potter, Disney series, Star Wars, and more. It has become so popular that even a Lego movie was created. The Lego company is developing more new and improved models every day and is a worldwide name in every house.

Where is Lego Day celebrated? 

 Lego Day is celebrated internationally and annually on January 28, by all the Lego fans to appreciate the small bricks that provided entertainment to many.

Who is Lego Day celebrated by?

Lego Day isn't specifically celebrated in a specific place or by the people of a certain community, but by anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy the day globally.

When did Lego Day first start?

It was on this date on January 28, 1958, that a patent was applied for the invention of these Lego bricks.

Who started Lego Day?

 Noone, in particular, started this day, but it just came into existence on January 28, 1958, when the patent was applied.

Lego Day has been bringing many families closer.

History And Timeline

It has been a long time since the Lego group introduced its many diverse range of toys. This international day encourages and allows people of every age group to bring out their inner child and take their time off and enjoy it.


Beginning Of Wooden Toy Making

A Danish Carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen started making wooden toys in Denmark.


Making Of Plastic Model

It was around the year 1947, the Lego company started making plastic toys.


Making Of Interconnecting Brick

The company came up with small interlocking plastic bricks that allowed users to create little models of lifelike things.


Introduction Of Mini Characters

Jens Nygaard Knudsen created the mini characters back in the '70s before it was launched in 1978.


First Lego Movie

'The Lego Movie' was the first Lego-themed movie to be ever launched officially in 2014, after which other Lego movies were introduced.

Traditions And Customs

There are not many traditions or customs when it comes to Lego Day, just a light-hearted celebration with family, friends, kids, or anyone as a matter of fact. You don't have to join a course or anything. Just let your mind and creativity run free and put together each Lego brick on the other to make any design you want. Encourage others too to let go of their cellular devices for the day and enjoy it.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Lego Day

On January 28, celebrate the day by gifting a Lego bricks toy set or any other Lego set to your family and friends, so everyone can enjoy the experience of creating Lego! You are never too old for a Lego set. From adults to children, anyone can play. So maybe buy a set of your own, bring out your inner child and create your story through it. You can also spend time with your family, with your children or maybe watch them build. You can learn a lot through watching them experience playing with Lego.

Many people love collecting figurines and if you are one of them, pamper yourself on this day by buying yourself a Lego figurine. Or visit a Lego museum to wonder about many of the amazing creations that professional Lego makers have created. If you can't find one nearby, there are plenty of options to watch online to see how these Lego sets were created from a single idea into something amazing.

Facts And Stats

  • The company first launched its building Lego brick toy in Denmark in 1958 and the celebration of this day began the same year.
  • In 1998, the Lego company introduced the Hall of Fame. You could visit this place you're nearby on this day and look at all the marvelous creations.
  • Devoted fans around the globe show their support by creating magnificent lifelike structures. There is a huge Lego ship, Lego sculptures, Lego Tower, and more.
  • Watch Lego-based movies on this day with your family.

FAQs About Lego Day

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When Is This Day Celebrated


January 28, 2020


January 28, 2021


January 28, 2022


January 28, 2023


January 28, 2024


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