Love Your Produce Manager Day
April 2, 2023

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It is important to recognize the product managers' efforts to bring the best produce from across the world to the customers.

On April 2, these produce managers behind the shelves are honored for their relentless service. They help us get the freshest fruits and vegetables in the shopping basket in the supermarket.

Take a glance around if you're in the grocery shop to see how many options your local produce manager has developed for you. Although this day occurs just once a year, one should honor the produce managers and all of the work they do every day of the year.

Where is Love Your Produce Manager Day celebrated?

 This day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is Love Your Produce Manager Day celebrated by?

This honorable day can be celebrated by all the customers who want to honor their fellow men and women behind the shelves of a supermarket for their relentless service to ease your grocery shopping.

When did Love Your Produce Manager Day first start?

Since 2012, the day has reportedly been observed across the country to honor the work that produce managers do.

Who started Love Your Produce Manager Day?

The initiator of this day is still unknown.

Produce managers control how everything will appear to consumers.

History And Timeline

Produce managers are also in charge of the more unique items seen in the produce department.


First Grocery Store

In 1916, Memphis, Tennessee's Piggly Wiggly opened the first store that resembled what we now think of as a grocery store.


First Supermarket

The first proper supermarket opened on the East Coast in 1930. A former Kroger and A&P executive, Michael Cullen, launched the King Kullen in Queens borough of New York. Since then, there have been supermarkets built in every country around the world.


The Day Itself

In 2012, the day was first reportedly observed across the country to honor the behind-the-scenes work that so many produce managers do to get us some of the freshest produce from across the world.

Traditions And Customs

People celebrate this day by visiting the local grocery shop and bringing something for their local produce manager, whether a card or a simple thank you note to appreciate them for wonderful and fresh food experiences each year.

Ways To Celebrate Love Your Produce Manager Day

You can celebrate this day by visiting your produce manager in a marketplace and inquiring about what's new and interesting today. They can tell you about new suppliers and will be happy to direct you to the fresh fruits. They may even propose ways to offer the new and fresh delicacies they've brought to your grocery shop.

Facts And Stats

  • Frieda's Specialty Produce will donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, a Feeding America national network member, for any industry group that uses the hashtag or mentions Love Your Produce Manager Day on social media.
  • The online activities attracted more than 40 groups in 2015, and Frieda's donated to the 'Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools' campaign by United Fresh Produce Association on this day.
  • Fellow employees and co-workers put up celebratory lunches for the produce managers on this day!

FAQs About Love Your Produce Manager Day

Who Encouraged The Celebration Of Love Your Produce Manager Day?
How Does Celebrating Love Your Produce Manager Day Support Other Managers?
Who Invented The Concept Of Love Your Produce Manager Day?
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When Is This Day Celebrated


April 2, 2020


April 2, 2021


April 2, 2022


April 2, 2023


April 2, 2024


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