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Magic Day

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Where is Magic Day celebrated? 

 Magic Day is celebrated in the USA and observed nationwide.

Who is Magic Day celebrated by?

Magic enthusiasts of all ages can celebrate this day.

When did Magic Day first start?

 It was first started in 1927, a year after Houdini died.

Who started Magic Day?

 This day was started by the Society of American Magicians.

Believe in your magic and sweep away all bad fortune on this day.

History And Timeline

By now you will understand a lot about the 'King of illusions'. Believe it or not, it takes quite a lot to escape from half a dozen locked chains! Look at the timeline below to explore more about Houdini and this magical holiday.

2700 B.C.

The First Magician

The first ever magic show was performed in Egypt by Dedi who became famous for his cups and balls magic trick, also known as a conjuring effect.


Era Of Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini started his career and built a worldwide reputation for his daring magic tricks like the Milk Can Escape, Houdini Upside Down, Buried Alive Stunt and Escape from Murderer's Row. Houdini acted in five Hollywood movies and had his own movie studio!

October 31, 1926

Death Of The Legend

Harry Houdini's tragic demise occurred on October 31, 1926, due to a ruptured appendix while in hospital. During his death, he was a part of the Society of American Magicians.


Founding Of Magic Day

The Society of American Magicians sought permission from his wife to celebrate his legacy in the form of Magic Day. She even presented an award in his honor on Magic Day.

September, 16, 1956

Birth Of David Copperfield

David Copperfield is known to be the wealthiest stage illusionist and storyteller. Penn and Teller, Chris Angel and David Blaine are also among some famous magicians that people love to this day.

Traditions And Customs

Magic Day is the perfect time to bring out the magician in you! Get dressed in a formal black suit, plop a top hat on your head and wave your magic wand saying 'Abracadabra'.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Magic Day

Grab your popcorn and sit back on the couch with your family to watch Harry Houdini's movies.

How about attending a live magic show and having some fun?

Dom't forget to impress your friends by showing them your magic tricks!

Learn magical skills by reading some good books written by famous magicians.

Facts And Stats

  • Magic Day marks the death anniversary of Harry Houdini.
  • This day was initially started as Houdini Day.
  • October 31 is also called National Magic Day in the USA. Halloween is also celebrated on this day.

FAQs About Magic Day

How is Magic Day different from International Magician Day?

Magic Day is dedicated to Harry Houdini, whereas International Magician Day is celebrated to honor an Italian priest, Juan Melchor Bosco Occhiena, throughout the world on January 31.

What is the significance of celebrating Magic Day?

It is celebrated to remember the life and legacy of the greatest magician, Harry Houdini, and to acknowledge the art and science of magic.

What psychological effects does celebrating Magic Day have on you?

Magic tricks help to expand imagination as well as encourage curiosity and creativity.

How do magicians celebrate Magic Day?

Magicians organize magic shows, events and give live performances to celebrate Magic Day.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 31, 2020 Saturday
October 31, 2021 Sunday
October 31, 2022 Monday
October 31, 2023 Tuesday
October 31, 2024 Thursday

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