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Where is Malaysia Day celebrated?  

This day is a public holiday in Malaysia.

Who is Malaysia Day celebrated by?

 Malay people celebrate this day by participating in national ceremonies, visiting museums, and hosting formal events.

When did Malaysia Day first start?

 Malaysia Day was not recognized as a public holiday officially until 2010.

Who started Malaysia Day?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak initiated the observance of September 16 as Malaysia Day in 2010.

Malaysia Day celebrates the historical moment when East Malaysia and Singapore united to form Malaysian Federation.

History And Timeline

Check out some important events in the history of Malaysia below.


British Rule

Malaysia became a British colony.


Independence from Japan

After World War II, Japan surrendered Malaysian territories.


No longer a British colony

Malaysia gained independence from the British on August 31.


Malaysian Federation

The Singapore and East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak unite to create Malaysian Federation.


Founding of the Day

Malaysia Day is officially declared a national holiday by Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Traditions And Customs

Malaysia Day is observed annually on September 16 to celebrate the creation of the Malaysian Federation in 1963. This day commemorates the nation's unified cultural and linguistic diversity, and the celebrations include national ceremonies that demonstrate Malaysians' unity and strength. Many Malay people mark this day by paying respects to the hundreds of people who gave their lives to obtain independence by visiting 'Tugu Negara,' the National Monument in Kuala Lumpur.

Ways To Celebrate Malaysia Day

Pay respect to the thousands of Malaysian soldiers and citizens who sacrificed their lives in the country's war for independence.

Attend one of the many national celebrations held by the government to honor Malaysian unity.

Host a little celebration at your home and invite children to learn about Malaysia's history.

To discover more about Malaysia's past, watch parades on television or a documentary.

Listen to and recite Malaysian national songs.

Facts And Stats

  • Malaysia has two national holidays! While Hari Merdeka is the Independence Day of Malaysia commemorating the day when the country ceased to become a British colony on August 31, Malaysia Day, or Hari Malaysia, celebrates the day when East Malaysia and Singapore joined the Malaysian Federation.
  • Sarawak, one of the East Malaysian states that joined the Malaysian Federation on Malaysia Day, flourished under the rule of the Brooke Dynasty during the British empire and was known as the 'White Rajahs.'
  • On Malaysia Day, people often sing 'Malaysia Forever,' a song written by a Canadian named Bobby Gimpy to celebrate the creation of the Malaysian Federation. The song got so famous that it was recognized as Malaysia's unofficial national anthem.

FAQs About Malaysia Daymalay

Why do we celebrate Malaysia Day?

Malaysia Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the historic moment when East Malaysian states of Sarawak and North Borneo joined Singapore and the Federation of Malaya to establish the Malaysian Federation.

When did Singapore leave Malaysia?

Singapore was expelled from Malaysia on August 9, 1965, just two years after the creation of the Malaysian Federation.

Why are some people excited about Malaysia Day?

Malaysia Day is a day of victory and unity as Malay, East Malaysia, and Singapore created an alliance to form a single nation. Several ceremonies are held to celebrate this occasion and bring all Malaysians closer to each other despite their religious and linguistic diversities.

What does the government say about Malaysia Day?

The Malaysian government declared Malaysia Day as the second national holiday, the other one being Hari Merdeka (Independence Day). This day is celebrated not only to remind Malaysians of the struggles faced by their forefathers in bringing independence to the country but also to recognize the unity and strength of Malaysians and raise their morale.

What is the history behind this day?

Also known as Hari Malaysia, Malaysia Day marks the anniversary of the formation of the Malaysian Federation on September 16, 1963. On this day, East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Singapore, and the Federation of Malaya united to create a single nation- Malaysia.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 16, 2020 Wednesday
September 16, 2021 Thursday
September 16, 2022 Friday
September 16, 2023 Saturday
September 16, 2024 Monday

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