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Maryland Day

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Where is Maryland Day observed?

The annual Maryland Day weekend takes place in Maryland's Four Rivers Heritage Area, from the State Capital in the City of Annapolis to Southern Anne Arundel County.

Who is Maryland Day observed by?

Maryland Day is observed by students and residents of the state of Maryland. On Maryland Day, many schools provide unique programs that allow students to focus on learning about their state's history and advancements.

When did Maryland Day first start?

Maryland Day was first celebrated on March 25, 1634. On this day, people arrived in Maryland aboard two ships (small sailing ships), the Ark and the Dove.

Who started Maryland Day?

The Maryland new colony was made possible by a charter issued to Cecilius Calvert, Baron of Baltimore, by King Charles I of England on June 20, 1632. Leonard Calvert, Lord Baltimore's brother, led the Maryland immigrants.

The United States Naval Academy was founded at Annapolis on October 10, 1845, and the Baltimore & Ohio Train Company erected its first railroad station in Baltimore on October 10, 1845, where Babe Ruth, a famous baseball player, was born.

History And Timeline

Maryland Day honors the arrival of settlers from two small sailing ships, the Ark and the Dove, on Maryland soil on March 25, 1634. Explore Maryland's history now that you know how it all began!

March 25, 1634

Founding Day

Maryland Day honors the arrival of Lord Baltimore and the first colonists on St. Clement's Island. On March 25, 1634, the Maryland settlers performed a special ceremony to express their gratitude for arriving safely.

November 22, 1634

Getting Ready To Leave

The Ark and Dove ships set sail from Cowes on the English Isle of Wight in England.


Ark Arrived

The Ark landed on the Fortunate Islands before sailing westward across the Atlantic, and arrived in Barbados, West Indies on January 3.

June 20, 1632

Permission Granted

Cecilius Calvert was given permission by King Charles I of England to settle in Maryland with the Ark and the Dove ships.


Maryland Day Now

This event was commemorated in Maryland institutions in 1903, and it was declared a state holiday in 1916. It has been celebrated every year since.

Traditions And Customs

Some local officials and community leaders visit schools to discuss the significance of Maryland Day.

It's a collaborative event that takes place in Annapolis, Maryland's capital, as well as the surrounding regions of Anne Arundel County. It includes cultural and heritage site activities and tours, as well as re-enactments, art exhibitions, and children's activities.

Ways To Observe Maryland Day

Learning about Maryland's native Americans is a terrific way to show your respect.

The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian is a great place to start. You can visit actual locations and sacred sites with your family.

Facts And Stats

Maryland Day marks the settlement of Maryland's official establishment when freshly arrived colonists constructed a cross on St. Clement's Island and made prayers.

Maryland Day was established by the State Board of Education on March 25, 1903, as a day to honor Maryland's history.

This day is important to US history because Francis Scott Key wrote the United States' National Anthem after witnessing the British bombardment of the Maryland fort during the War of 1812.

FAQs About Maryland Day

When did Maryland Day start?

Maryland Day was first celebrated on March 25, 1634.

What do we celebrate on Maryland Day?

On this day, English settlers first arrived on St. Clement's Island and had a Thanksgiving feast, which is commemorated on Maryland Day.

What is the importance of celebrating Maryland Day?

The arrival of the first colonists on St. Clement's Island is commemorated on this day.

Who encouraged the celebration of Maryland Day?

Jesuit Father Andrew White is the one who encouraged the celebration of this day.

What are some events similar to Maryland Day?

Any Maryland trip would be incomplete without a weekend or vacation in Ocean City with friends or family.

What is the motto of Maryland Day?

Maryland's motto is 'Fatti Maschii Parole Femine' which means 'strong deeds, gentle words'.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
March 25, 2020 Wednesday
March 25, 2021 Thursday
March 25, 2022 Friday
March 25, 2023 Saturday
March 25, 2024 Monday

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