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Mickey Mouse Day

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Where is Mickey Mouse Day celebrated?  

Mickey Mouse's birthday is celebrated internationally, so every mickey lover can join in and celebrate the day.

Who is Mickey Mouse Day celebrated by?

Mickey Mouse Day can be celebrated by anyone irrespective of age, race, or gender.

When did Mickey Mouse Day first start?

Mickey Mouse Day was first celebrated on November 18, 1928, after his first appearance in the Disney short film 'Steamboat Willy.'

Who started Mickey Mouse Day?

After Mickey's first appearance in the Walt Disney short film 'Steamboat Willy' in 1928, fans recognized the day as Mickey Mouse Day.

As mickey says, never lose your sparkle.

History And Timeline

Mickey Mouse is one of the most loved animated characters ever created. Today, Mickey Mouse is the most recognizable cartoon character in the world, and he represents the entire Disney empire. Enjoy this timeline of Mickey's character.


Mickey Character In 'Steamboat Willie'

Mickey set foot on the big screen in the Walt Disney short film 'Steamboat Willie' which is why Mickey Mouse Day is on November 18.


Journey To Thanksgiving Parade

The '30s are Mickey's year of fame. First, Walt Disney produced 87 cartoon shorts; secondly, they received a 'Special Academy Award' in the Oscars for the creation of the famous mouse. Then in 1935, Mickey Mouse was seen in color in the animation 'The Bad Concert.' Finally, he also made his first appearance in the 'Thanksgiving Day Parade' at the end of the year.


50 Years Of Mickey Mouse

1978 was Mickey's Golden Jubilee Year. He celebrated his 50th birthday in a 90-minute television special.



The early '80s brought about Mickey's first visit to the opening of Tokyo Disneyland!

Traditions And Customs

This day is the best time to have a Mickey Mouse-themed party and wear character costumes of Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy with your children and friends. Do mickey-mouse-themed activities featuring his big eyes and famous ears, and watch a cartoon.

Watch the original 'Mickey Mouse Club' or 'Fantasia' on the big screen. Whatever you do on this day, don't forget to grab some friends and snacks.

Take a moment to honor the famous mouse and his journey to fame. The character has been a sailor, prince, and a musketeer!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Mickey Mouse Day

Celebrate the birthday of mickey mouse by visiting any Disney resorts, enjoying music, eating snacks, or, if possible, going to Disney World.

Mickey's story began with a pencil drawing of a mouse. On this day, why not practice drawing the mouse himself? Begin with an easy structure with three circles: one large circle for the head and two smaller ones for the ears. Add a nose, big eyes, and some facial features, and there you go; you have your own Mickey Mouse.

Facts And Stats

  • 'Steamboat Willy', Mickey's debut with Disney, which paved the way for his later fame, is not actually his first film. Before Willy, he had two flopped animated short films. Why not watch them on Mickey Mouse Day?
  • Disney released new edition watches on the 90th anniversary of Mickey Day. These Disney watches never seem to go out of style. Why not buy one for this day?
  • Mickey's birthday and recognition day both fall on the same day. Though he was created before 1928, 'Steamboat Willie' is considered the re-birth of Mickey and Minnie.
  • The debut of Disney's first Mickey mouse film occurred just 20 days after the stock market crash in 1929. Reports from the people who saw Mickey's film show that his endless optimism made him an instant favorite among both children and adults, which could have led to this international day's celebration on November 18!

FAQs About Mickey Mouse Day

Is it Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday?

Mickey Mouse celebrated his 90th birthday on November 18, 2018.

What is mickey mouse's birthday?

Mickey's birthday is on November 18.

What day was mickey mouse created?

Mickey was created on a Sunday.

What is the significance of Mickey?

Mickey Mouse symbolizes happiness, dreams, fun, and the importance of quality time with families and friends.

How is Mickey Mouse Day different from National Cartoonist Day?

Mickey Day is celebrated to honor Mickey Mouse, and Cartoonists Day honors all the creative ink-stained artists out there.

What is the history and origin of the day?

In 1928, Mickey Mouse debuted on the big screen in the film named 'Steamboat Willy.' Every year in November, the world celebrates Mickey.

Why do kids love Mickey?

He is entertaining, with bright colors and constant singing that naturally attracts kids.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 18, 2020 Wednesday
November 18, 2021 Thursday
November 18, 2022 Friday
November 18, 2023 Saturday
November 18, 2024 Monday

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