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Microtia Awareness Day

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Where is Microtia Awareness Day observed?  

Microtia Awareness Day is observed all over the world as it is a way to foster awareness in people worldwide about the congenital birth defect that manifests as underdeveloped or absent outer ears.

Who is Microtia Awareness Day observed by?

Microtia Awareness Day is observed to raise awareness in society about medical deformities, like little ears on kids. This day is also observed by the Ear Community organization. Their purpose is to increase social acceptance of such children into society and to quickly educate as many people as possible about this condition.

When did Microtia Awareness Day first start?

The first time Microtia Awareness Day was observed was on November 9, 2016, by the Ear Community organization. It took place throughout the United States, where the Ear Community launched the day with the aim of spreading hope and knowledge about the medical condition that causes Atresia and other ear abnormalities.

Many remarkable moments have taken place on the launch of this national day. Many families that have children affected by Microtia and Atresia actively took part in the launch. Several adults and children of many families even submitted pictures online for an event showing them wearing their National Microtia Awareness Day t-shirts. Some wore black and blue shirts to foster awareness about the condition.

Who started Microtia Awareness Day?

The Ear Community started the observance of Microtia Awareness Day in 2016 as a way of spreading knowledge about this condition. This community was founded in 2010 by Melissa Tumblin due to a lack of information about the medical condition, and has been a vital force in binding people together with information, resources, and experiences regarding Microtia.

The Ear Community consists of adults and children who have been impacted by Microtia, along with their teachers, advocates, families, and other professionals who are dedicated to helping them with possible hearing loss.

To support the people suffering from hearing loss due to Microtia, hearing aids are provided by the Ear Community annually.

History And Timeline

Microtia Awareness Day is an initiative by the Ear Community that takes place every year on November 9. People are encouraged to buy t-shirts from the community and to post pictures and information about the condition on social media to raise awareness.  


Founding The Ear Community

The Tumblin family founded the Ear Community after their daughter was diagnosed with Microtia.


Hearing Aid Devices Donated

The Ear Community has donated more than 120 hearing aids and has brought 15,000 people worldwide together to support the cause; it has also given out scholarships.


First Denver, Colorado Picnic

During this year, a picnic was organized to raise awareness of those affected by Microtia.


Microtia Awareness Day

The Ear Community launched the observance of the first Microtia Awareness Day.


More Worldwide Recognition

Many countries such as Chile, Switzerland, Malaysia, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, and Poland joined in to observe this event.

Traditions And Customs

This day promotes awareness on the formation of little ears due to Microtia. Microtia Awareness Day has no traditions and customs to be followed, although the Ear Community organization does suggest that finding ways to support families affected by this condition is a great place to start. If you choose to raise awareness on social media, you can use the #MicrotiaAwarenessDay hashtag to help increase visibility.

Ways To Observe Microtia Awareness Day 

There are several ways you can observe Microtia Awareness Day. Teachers and other educators can talk about it in schools to educate children. Parents and children who suffer from the condition could also initiate discussions about the medical condition, the different solutions being developed, and how others can help and support those impacted.

Many medical professionals even advocate for this cause by blogging about it on social media platforms. In fact, you will find many medical device companies who blog about this congenital issue on different blogging sites to raise awareness.

Facts And Stats

  • Apart from the visible deformity of the ear, patients suffering from Microtia often complain about hearing loss and other facial challenges due to the absence or closure of ear canals. This indirectly impacts the speech power of the individual.
  • The Ear Community has managed to bring together more than 6,500 people across the globe to raise awareness about this medical condition. This day helps increase social acceptance of people suffering from Microtia.
  • It is said that this medical condition affects one in 9,000 children across the world.
  • There are an estimated 54,000 people all around the world who are currently living with Microtia, although this number will vary from country to country.

FAQs About Microtia Awareness Day

What is National Microtia Day?

National Microtia Day is a day meant for raising awareness about the medical condition, Microtia.

Can babies hear with Microtia?

Babies with Microtia do have hearing loss, as there is no ear canal to transmit sound waves.

What is isolated Microtia?

It is a congenital disability that, at times, occurs as a single defect or as a part of other syndromes.

What type of hearing loss does Microtia cause?

Microtia causes conductive hearing loss.

Who started Microtia Awareness Day?

The Ear Community started Microtia Awareness Day.

When is Microtia Awareness Day?

It is observed on November 9 of every year.

How do people observe Microtia Awareness Day?

Some people blog on different social media sites and initiate awareness camps in schools.

Why do people follow Microtia Awareness Day?

People follow Microtia Awareness Day to increase awareness about the condition, which is a congenital defect.

What is the significance of Microtia Awareness Day?

This day creates awareness about this congenital birth defect and promotes compassion and empathy for people suffering from this medical condition.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 09, 2020 Monday
November 09, 2021 Tuesday
November 09, 2022 Wednesday
November 09, 2023 Thursday
November 09, 2024 Saturday

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