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Moldy Cheese Day

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Where is National Moldy Cheese Day celebrated?

National Moldy Cheese Day is celebrated on October 9 every year in the USA.

Who is National Moldy Cheese Day celebrated by?

The motive behind celebrating the day is to enjoy cheese's distinct flavor and taste.

When did National Moldy Cheese Day first start?

No recorded reason for the celebration of the day is available.

Who started National Moldy Cheese Day?

There is no clear history about the beginning of the tradition of moldy cheese day.

Th fuzzy mold present on a cheese wheel is known as cats fur.

History And Timeline

Historically, cheese has existed for several years in different flavors, textures, and forms across various parts of the world and through several cultures. Even though the history of National Moldy Cheese Day is not known, the day is celebrated every year on October 9 to celebrate the rich history of cheese and make October the most mouth-watering month, with a flavor that satisfies everybody's taste buds.

8000 B.C

Origin of cheese

The earliest possible dates anticipated for the origin of cheesemaking varies around this time.

1200 B.C.

Oldest cheese of the world

The world's oldest cheese was discovered in ancient tombs in Egypt around 1200 B.C.


First cheese factory

The first factory for the industrial production of cheese started in Switzerland.


18 million tons of cheese

In 2014, cheese production from cow milk reached 18.7 million tons all over the world, with the USA alone producing 29%.

Traditions And Customs

One could try to make their own version of cheese dishes with moldy cheeses and share their experience with family and friends. It is one of the interesting ways to celebrate the day since it gives a chance to improve one's cooking skills and add more recipes to the cooking list. Furthermore, one can invite friends and family, organize a moldy cheese party for them, ask them to bring a cheese dish with them, and enjoy the savory flavor of moldy cheese with them. Finally, spread about the celebration photos and ideas on social media accounts using #MoldyCheeseDay on the posts.

Ways To Celebrate National Moldy Cheese Day

Cheese lovers can celebrate National Moldy Cheese Day by trying an incredible recipe featuring Camembert, Brie, Blue cheese, or Gorgonzola cheeses. One can go to their local deli or chat with their favorite cheesemonger, order some cheese items and enjoy them with their family and friends. One who loves to cook, the day is an opportunity to make delicious cheese dishes. They could make some lovely cheese sandwiches and add some moldy cheese to them, or even start with a cheese-on-toast and share it with family and friends. One can make various recipes with these cheeses and share them online using the hashtag #NationalMoldyCheeseDay. National Moldy Cheese Day celebrates the tastes and flavor of cheese and provides opportunities to have it without any judgment.

Facts And Stats

  • National Moldy Cheese Day celebrates facts like the mixture of Penicillium glaucum or Penicillium roqueforti with curds or milk causes the bluish-greenish colors of the blue cheese.
  • Blue cheeses are 'the moldiest' of all cheeses and have a different smell, making them popular on National Moldy Cheese Day.
  • On October 9, other than National Moldy Cheese Day, we also celebrate Fire Prevention Day and Canadian Thanksgiving.

FAQs About Moldy Cheese Day

What day is National Moldy Cheese Day?

It is celebrated on October 9.

Has anyone ever died from eating moldy cheese?

Moldy cheese is completely safe to eat and will not hurt you.

What happens if you eat moldy cheese?

It is safe to eat generally, but you may have food poisoning, or an upset stomach may result if you eat stale, moldy cheese.

How do you remove mold from cheese?

By cutting the moldy part with a knife.

Why is mold on cheese safe?

It is because of Penicillium Glaucum and Penicillium Roqueforti.

Why is mold on blue cheese harmful?

Blue cheese can cause food poisoning if eaten when it is spoiled.

Why does my cheese get moldy so fast?

It is primarily due to too much heat or humidity.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 09, 2020 Friday
October 09, 2021 Saturday
October 09, 2022 Sunday
October 09, 2023 Monday
October 09, 2024 Wednesday

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