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Name Your PC Day

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Where is Name Your PC Day celebrated?

It is celebrated all over the world.

Who celebrates Name Your PC Day?

Tech enthusiasts and PC lovers who appreciate their PC and see it as an essential part of their lives celebrate this day.

When did Name Your PC Day first start?

There is no solid evidence as to when Name Your PC Day started.

Who started Name Your PC Day?

There is no solid evidence as to who started Name Your PC Day.

History And Timeline

The evolution of the PC begins with the invention of a microcomputer that helped facilitate PCs' production for mass consumption.


Analytical Engine

Charles Babbage creates the Analytical Engine, one of the first computers.


Personal Computer

The New York Times used the term 'Personal Computer' in 1962.


HP computer

The Hewlett Packard 9100 A is advertised as a 'Powerful Personal Computer Genie.'


Ken Back One

The Ken back one is considered the world's first personal computer release.


Microcomputer Invented

The invention of the Microcomputer acts as a catalyst for the mass production of computers for personal use.

You can also celebrate by repairing your old PC or by upgrading it.

Traditions And Customs

The PC is almost a part of the family now. It is present in nearly every household and is used by every family member. Every PC is unique because it carries a personality of its own. This is reflected by the case you choose, the GPU and CPU of the owner's choice, and even the stickers you choose to apply on your computer.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate Name Your PC Day

There are many ways to celebrate Name Your PC Day. As the name suggests, you can develop a creative and fun character for your computer based on what you believe your PC's personality is. You could celebrate this day by buying a new PC based on your needs and preferences and making it unique in its way.

Facts And Stats

This is an unofficial day celebrated across the world.

Computer manufacturers organize many events on this day.

People who consider their computer as their best friend celebrate this day.

FAQs About Name Your PC Day

What are PC days?

PC days are days to celebrate PCs that help fulfill work, educational, and entertainment needs.

What are some cool computer names?

Turbo, Rocket, Flash, Speedster, Gamezo are some examples of cool computer names.

Who started Name Your PC day?

There is no solid evidence of who started Naming Your PC day.

Why do people celebrate Name Your PC Day?

Name Your PC Day is the perfect occasion to appreciate personal computers, which are helpful in almost all the spheres of our lives. They help with work, education, and entertainment. They remain loyal helpers, and this day is the perfect way to celebrate their service.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 20, 2020 Friday
November 20, 2021 Saturday
November 20, 2022 Sunday
November 20, 2023 Monday
November 20, 2024 Wednesday

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