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National Babysitter's Day

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Where is National Babysitter's Day celebrated?  

National Babysitter's Day is celebrated in the United States of America. On this day, people take the opportunity to thank babysitters and show appreciation them for their help.

Who is National Babysitter's Day celebrated by?

 Babysitters, parents, and children celebrate National Babysitter's Day.

When did National Babysitter's Day first start?

National Babysitter's Day was started in 2003 for the special recognition and appreciation of the work done by babysitters.

Who started National Babysitter's Day? 

National Babysitter's Day was started by in 2003. is a company that trains for babysitter positions.

History And Timeline

Babysitting refers to the temporary care of children. As society started moving towards a gender-equal society, the importance and need for sitters increased.


The Teenage Babysitting Trend

Babysitting can be done by someone of any age group. However, babysitting started becoming a predominant social role for teenagers in the 1920s. Their need to have financial freedom is why teenagers started choosing temporary activities such as babysitting.


Introducing The Term 'Babysitter'

The term 'babysitter' was introduced in the year 1937.


Introducing The Term 'Babysit'

The term 'babysit' was later introduced in 1947.


Babysitting In Suburban America

In the 1950s, babysitters became an important part of suburban America as children increased in those decades.


National Babysitter's Day

National Babysitter's Day was first introduced by in 2003. is an organization that trains babysitters.

National Babysitter's Day highlights the need for babysitters in our modern society.

Traditions And Customs

Some people celebrate this day by making special greeting cards or baking cakes for their babysitters. Others give their sitters paid leave on this day. Many other people celebrate it by recognizing their babysitter's role in their children's lives and by taking them out for food and fun.

Ways To Celebrate National Babysitter's Day

 Want to celebrate National Babysitter's Day? Here are a few ways to celebrate the day:

Tell your babysitter how important they are in the life of your children. Bake them a cake or cook their favorite meal. Or you can go a step further and give them a day off on this day.

Facts And Stats

  • National Babysitter's Day is celebrated to recognize the efforts of babysitters.
  • Did you know that in the United States of America, the average hourly rate paid for a babysitter is $17.72? Let's appreciate their efforts by giving them gifts or increasing their hourly rates on National Babysitter's Day.
  • According to a survey, only 2% of babysitters are males. It looks like there is still a stigma around a man, or a boy, taking on the role of a babysitter. On National Babysitter's Day it is important to emphasize the fact that a babysitter's tasks aren't just for women.

FAQs About National Babysitter's Day

What does a babysitter do?

A babysitter generally takes care of children while their parents are out for work or some other activity.

Who started National Babysitter's Day? started National Babysitter's Day to honor all the babysitters for quality child-care services.

When is National Babysitter's Day?

National Babysitter's Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day in May.

How do people celebrate National Babysitter's Day?

National Babysitter's Day is celebrated by different people in different ways. Parents can celebrate the day by giving a day off to their babysitter, other parents give gift cards, and some parents bake a cake or cook meals for their sitters.

Why do people celebrate National Babysitter's Day?

People celebrate National Babysitter's Day to honor and show appreciation for their capable and reliable babysitters.

What is the significance of National Babysitter's Day?

The significance of National Babysitter's Day is that it promotes recognition and appreciation for all babysitters for taking safe care of kids.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 08, 2020 Friday
May 08, 2021 Saturday
May 08, 2022 Sunday
May 08, 2023 Monday
May 08, 2024 Wednesday

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