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National Back To Church Sunday

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Where is National Back to Church Sunday celebrated?  

This day is celebrated throughout the United States of America.

Who celebrates National Back to Church Sunday?

  All Jesus-loving people celebrate this day. They have done this for the last 12 years.

When did National Back to Church Sunday first start?

 This day has been celebrated every year since 20o9.

Who started National Back to Church Sunday?

 The church started this day, and the church members were encouraged to bring people back to the church.

Say a prayer in a church.

History And Timeline

If you love churches and connecting to the Lord, you will love all information about this day.


Join The Church And Spread Hope

This national holiday was started in 2009, and since then, this community has inspired churchgoers to invite family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to their churches.


The Event Became Popular

In the year 2011, 7,600 churches participated in this event


The Event Began to Spread

In 2012, over 10,000 congregations have participated in the event.


Online Ceremony

In 2019, because of the breakout of COVID-19, this event was organized online at many churches.


Fighting Despair And Unfriendliness

On September 19, 2021, people across the U.S. observed this day to instill hope and eradicate the despair of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Traditions And Customs

The best tradition on this day is to worship the Lord by going to the church. Browse online resources and tools to provide maximum outreach.

Spread the videos and church kit to demonstrate the unified effort of the community.

Ways to Observe Or Celebrate National Back To Church Sunday

The best way to celebrate this day is by ensuring that there is the united effort of friends and family to worship Jesus and return to the church to disseminate hope.

You should seek the blessing of Jesus in prayer and connect visitors to the divine.

Use banners to outreach this event.

Ask ministry leaders to reach everyone in-person to participate.

Teach people to invite more volunteers to spread hope and celebrate this single day.

Facts and Stats

  • Research revealed that about two-thirds of people would visit a church if someone invited them. This makes this national holiday important as a simple invite can take them closer to Jesus.
  • Another research claimed that though 83% of Americans follow Christianity, only 20 % visit the church. This national holiday gives people an opportunity to participate in prayer.
  • The online church kit has everything you need to observe this day.
  • It is a single-day celebration gaining momentum with online tools and resources. Find hope and invite your people back to church and God.

FAQs About National Back To Church Sunday

What is National Back To Church Sunday?

This day is a religious Sunday event to invite people back to churches and spread hope.

What is the National Back To Church Sunday for 2021?

September 18, 2021, marked this special day.

Why is Sunday Church important?

This day is important to restore faith and spread hope among people. Some people may have visited the church but had a fallout, some might have drifted away due to circumstances, and some never stepped into one. On this day, churchgoers outreach to people in their vicinity and help them connect with God!

Why are families excited about National Back To Church Sunday?

Families are excited about this day because it is a community event and brings all who worship Christ together. This day spreads hope and happiness.

What is the importance of celebrating National Back To Church Sunday?

This day is important because it connects you to your faith and instills a feeling of hope and positivity in a person.

What are some events similar to National Back To Church Sunday?

Sunday Mass is an event that is similar to this holiday.

What is the motto of National Back To Church Sunday?

For 2022, the motto of this holiday is "You Belong Here." Spreading hope is the key objective.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 20, 2020 Sunday
September 19, 2021 Sunday
September 18, 2022 Sunday
September 17, 2023 Sunday
September 15, 2024 Sunday

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