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National Bake Cookies Day

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Where is National Bake Cookies Day celebrated?

National Baked Cookies Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

Who is National Bake Cookies Day celebrated by?

National Bake Cookies Day celebrates the delicious flavors of cookies that are enjoyed by all Americans.

When did National Bake Cookies Day first start?

No recorded reason for the celebration of National Baked Cookies Day is available.

Who started National Bake Cookies Day?

There is no definitive history of the origins of National Baked Cookies Day.

National Bake Cookies Day is a fun holiday celebrated by all food lovers of the country.

History And Timeline

The history, founder, and origin of National Bake Cookies Day are all anonymous. It is believed that someone fond of baking cookies found this day. However, the origin of cookies and baking them is believed to go back to the seventh century in Persia since it was one of the first nations in the world to cultivate sugar. Much later, in the 17th century, the cookies made their introduction in America.

In 1796, Amelia Simmons wrote two recipes for cookies called 'Christmas Cookies' and 'Cookies' in her cookbook published in the USA. For several years, the bakers continued with their creative streak and created some of the most well-loved cookies of modern times. For instance, in 1938, Sue Brides and Ruth Graves Wakefield created the first chocolate-chip cookies. They had a popular restaurant in Massachusetts with in-house baking facilities that eventually led them to try something new.

7th Century

Popularity Of Cookies

Persia was one of the first nations to cultivate sugar, so cookie-style care became popular in the Persian Empire.

17th century

Introduction Of Cookies

The cookies were introduced in America in the 17th century.


Debut Recipes For Cookies

Amelia Simmons wrote two recipes for cookies in her cookbook that was published in the USA.


Creation Of Chocolate-Chip

Sue Brides and Ruth Graves Wakefield created chocolate-chip cookies for the first time in the year 1938.


Commonwealth's Official Cookie

The chocolate-chip cookie was declared the Massachusetts Commonwealth's official cookie.

Traditions And Customs

The traditions and customs that are followed on National Bake Cookies Day are to bake cookies and have fun with each other. On this day, one can treat oneself to some tasty cookies. One could also try to make their own version of cookies by adding nuts, dry fruits, raisins, or chocolate and share their experience with family and friends. On the day of the celebration, share photos and ideas on social media accounts with the hashtag #BakeCookiesDay.

Ways To Celebrate National Bake Cookies Day

There are various ways of celebrating National Bake Cookies Day. One could go to their favorite restaurant or bakery, order some cookies and enjoy them with family and friends. Someone who loves to cook can make a big batch of cookies to share and eat with family, friends, and colleagues. One can bake a batch of cookies and experiment with different flavors that have never been tried before, and share them online using the hashtag #NationalBakeCookiesDay. One can also give some cookies during the Christmas season.

Facts And Stats

  • National Bake Cookies Day is celebrated every year on December 18.
  • National Bake Cookies Day is the day to enjoy this slightly raised cake with some coffee.
  • Bakeries across the U.S. organize various events on this day to popularize the trend of baking cookies at home.
  • National Bake Cookies Day is a national day but not a federal holiday. Still, it is observed across the country with great enthusiasm.
  • This year the day would fall on a Sunday so you can bake some cookies for yourself and your family and friends!

FAQs About National Bake Cookies Day

Why do you Need to Be Celebrating National Bake Cookies Day?

National Bake Cookies Day is celebrated by baking cookies.

How to celebrate Bake Cookies Day?

Bake Cookies Day is celebrated by baking and consuming different types and flavors of cookies. You may organize a baking competition with your friends as well.

Who started National Cookie Day?

National Cookie Day was first started by Matt Nader of the San Francisco-based Blue Chip Cookie Company.

What state had the first cookie?

The U.S. state of New Mexico had the first cookie.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
December 18, 2020 Friday
December 18, 2021 Saturday
December 18, 2022 Sunday
December 18, 2023 Monday
December 18, 2024 Wednesday

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