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National Be An Angel Day

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Where is National Be An Angel Day celebrated? 

National Be an Angel Day is celebrated in the USA to honor the angel in all of us.  

Who is National Be An Angel Day celebrated by?

 People who believe in random acts of kindness and want to spread positivity around them by being kind to others participate in the celebration of this day.

When did National Be An Angel Day first start?

The day was first observed on August 22, 1993, to express gratitude to the real-life angels in society.  

Who started National Be An Angel Day?

Jaune Howard Feldman first observed this holiday for the good cause of supporting people through kindness.

Be a better person by helping others.

History And Timeline

Angels have been a part of civilizations throughout history, and humans recognize them as otherworldly beings who protect and spread positivity. Let's read about the history of angels!

Second Century BC

'The Book of Enoch'

In 'The Book of Enoch', an ancient Hebrew text, angels are called Gregori or watchers. Ancient races believed these angels were extraterrestrial beings sent to the Earth to influence civilization! They watched over humanity and taught people agriculture and the art of making metal weapons. These were acts of kindness and helped in the betterment of the human race.

450 BC

First Mention Of Angels

Many believe that angels are the kind and benevolent messengers of the Gods, and they were first mentioned in the early texts of Judaic tradition around 450 BC. According to the texts, angels first appeared in Babylon.

ourth Century AD

Drawing Angels

European painters began depicting angels with wings during the fourth century AD. They believed angels were the messenger of Gods who flew to the Earth from heaven. Many visionaries of that time saw angels with fiery wings in their dreams, which influenced artists to portray them in such a manner.

August 1914

Angels In The World War

During World War I, many wounded soldiers claimed that they saw angels on the battlefield. French soldiers thought they saw Michael the Archangel, while the British argued it was Saint George. The angel was a tall radiant man with a halo of serenity and calm, preventing the soldiers from advancing on the battlefield. He spoke to the wounded soldiers with kindness, making them better people in death!


Founding Of The Day

Jaune Howard Feldman founded this day. She started the celebration to show that kindness goes a long way, and people can be real-life angels by supporting others with kind words and a small good deed every now and then.

Traditions And Customs

This is the day to celebrate others before yourself. Show people you are blessed for everything they do to you by giving them a hug or a thank you note. Reach out to someone struggling with a kind word and a little help. Every action of yours will make a difference!

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Be an Angel Day

 Celebrate this day by thanking someone who has been an angel to you in your time of need. Promise yourself to use kind words and engage in small acts of kindness throughout the year. Volunteer for a charity or an NGO of your choice. Be kind to your family and friends and perform a random act of kindness for a stranger. Remember, the key is not to have expectations while supporting a person. You can pay for someone's bus ticket, buy a person coffee, or give your train seat to someone else. Also, forgive a person who hurt you in the past and influence others to do the same. It doesn't take much to perform these good deeds, and the smile you put on others' faces serves as your biggest reward. You become a better person in the process.

Facts And Stats

  • National Be an Angel Day was first observed in 1993.
  • The founder of this day was greatly inspired by the idea of an angel, who is a benevolent messenger of God.
  • National Be an Angel Day gained mass popularity in 2003 through social media. More and more people and organizations have participated in the celebration since then.

FAQs About National Be An Angel Day

What is the significance of National Be An Angel Day?

The day is to celebrate small acts of kindness and the good things in the world. 

How is National Be An Angel day different from Random Act of Kindness Day?

Random Act of Kindness Day encourages acts of kindness by everyone, whereas the former celebrates the angel in you by encouraging people to put a smile on other people's faces. 

How does this day affect people psychologically and emotionally?

A small act of kindness can increase happiness and make a person feel blessed. This day has a huge psychological impact as people feel an angel watches over them.

What is the history and origin of National Be An Angel Day?

This day was first celebrated on August 22, 1993, by Jaune Howard Feldman to honor the impact of kind words and good deeds. 

What is special about National Be An Angel Day?

This day reminds us that though there may not be actual angels in the world (depending upon your beliefs), people can be one by showing support and encouraging others.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 22, 2020 Saturday
August 22, 2021 Sunday
August 22, 2022 Monday
August 22, 2023 Tuesday
August 22, 2024 Thursday

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