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National Be Nice Day

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Where is National Be Nice Day celebrated?  

National Be Nice Day is celebrated in the United States, but many countries have embraced this day as a gesture to promote kindness.

Who is National Be Nice Day celebrated by?

Anyone in the US is encouraged to celebrate this special day. So, you can be a child or adult, and you can celebrate this day by engaging in small acts of kindness.

When did National Be Nice Day first start?

It is unclear when this day was declared as a special day to celebrate kindness; however, October 5 has been designated as the National Be Nice Day.

Who started National Be Nice Day?

No information is available regarding the initiators of National Be Nice Day. This day encourages you to put in effort in spreading kindness.

senior man and young woman holding hands celebrating national be nice day.

History And Timeline

A random act of kindness can make someone smile or save someone's life. How many times have you helped to spread good vibes and energy? Here is a timeline that shows how various communities around the world are making an effort to be kind. So without any further ado, let's take a look at them.


A Handshake

There were many myths about AIDS, one of which was that it could be spread through touch. When Princess Diana visited and shook hands with an AIDS patient, she changed this perception.


World Kindness Day

The World Kindness Movement, a coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to kindness, established World Kindness Day. It is observed on November 13 each year and aims to highlight good deeds by emphasizing the power of positivity and kindness.


Coupons For Charity

Jordan Cox is not your typical adolescent. He used his computer skills to look for GBP 600 worth of shopping coupons on websites and magazines. He then brought essentials such as food and household items and gave them to needy families for Christmas.


Wall Of Kindness

An anonymous person in Iran painted a wall with the message- If you don't need it, leave it. Take it if you need it. This initiative was launched to help the city's homeless. The residents of the community responded by donating warm clothing and anything else they could spare.


A Paid Dinner

Jerina Edwards from Oklahoma, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, but when she went to pay the bill, it had already been paid. The anonymous payee had stated that he had lost his wife to cancer and wished her well.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific traditions and customs followed when celebrating this unique holiday. There may be social media trends or events put forward by local authorities to celebrate this nice day. You can participate in these efforts either virtually or physically.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Be Nice Day

Interested in celebrating National Be Nice Day? There are a number of ways by which you can promote or contribute to this special day. You can start by teaching your kids the point of this day. Speak kind words to everyone you meet or pay someone a compliment. Pay for a stranger's meal or coffee. Carry someone's luggage or walk someone's dog. Help a stranger in case they are in trouble. Encourage and remind your friend to follow suit and perform any act of kindness. Spread the word or forward kind messages on social media.

Volunteer virtually or physically for any social or environmental cause you care for in this world. Donate money for a medical cause as this act of kindness can help save a life. Call someone who may be lonely and may benefit from your companionship. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Don't be too caught up in just helping others. Go ahead and indulge in some self-care. Also, take a day off and do something you have been postponing at the cost of being part of the everyday humdrum of life.

Facts And Stats

  • Both National Be Nice Day and National Do Something Nice Day is observed on the same day.
  • National Be Nice Day is a great day to perform small acts of good deeds.
  • From buying someone else's coffee to creating a campaign to support the homeless in Iran, every act of kindness matters and is encouraged on this day.
  • Even though this day is mostly celebrated in the US, people from all over the world have started taking part in it.

FAQs About National Be Nice Day

How do you celebrate National Say Something Nice Day?

You can celebrate National Say Something Nice Day by complimenting your friend or randomly saying something nice to someone.

What day is Say Something Nice Day?

Say Something Nice Day will fall on the first Wednesday of June, 2022.

When is National Be Nice to Peter Day?

There is no special day designated to be nice to Peter. Instead, you can be nice to Peter on the National Be Nice Day or just be nice to Peter every day.

How are good people promoting National Be Nice Day?

In the world, good people promote this day through random acts of kindness. They volunteer, give money to causes, use the power of words to spread kindness, pay for someone's meal, surprise your parents or friend, and so on.

Why is there a lot of buzz about National Be Nice Day?

Everyone looks forward to this special day because their efforts benefit others while making them feel good.

What is the importance of National Be Nice Day?

National Be Nice Day reminds everyone of the need to focus on doing good. Small acts of kindness will make you feel good and spread positive vibes in the world.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 04, 2020 Sunday
October 04, 2021 Monday
October 04, 2022 Tuesday
October 04, 2023 Wednesday
October 04, 2024 Friday

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