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National Bird Day

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Where is National Bird Day celebrated?

National Bird Day is observed by the citizens of the United States of America on May 4.

Who is National Bird Day celebrated by?

National Bird Day is celebrated by bird lovers and nature lovers spread across the length and breadth of America.

When did National Bird Day first start?

It has been more than a decade that the US celebrates National Bird Day on May 4 every year. The celebrations of this day started in the year 2002.

Who started National Bird Day?

National Bird Day was founded by the advocacy group of the Avian Welfare Coalition.

Most bird watchers rejuvenate their senses on National Bird Day.

History And Timeline

Birds are one of the ancient inhabitants of the earth, so these incidents have been extracted from the pages of the past to offer a quick recap of a few major historical events.


Bird Paintings

The French illustrator Pierre Eskrich was the first in Europe to produce a series of 218 ornithological paintings.


The Dodo Went Extinct

The dodo was last spotted in Mauritius. The entire bird skeleton was excavated by scientists only in 2005.


Discovery Of Feathered Fossils

Fossil remnants of Archaeopteryx were discovered in Germany. The dove-like structure of the dinosaur and traces of feather hint at the evolution of birds from dinosaurs.

September 1, 1914

Death Of Martha

Martha, believed to be the last passenger pigeon, passed away in the Cincinnati Zoo.

Since 4,500 BC

The First Domesticated Bird

Pigeons were most probably the first birds to be tamed by humans during the Mesopotamian civilization. These birds have been depicted in coins, mosaics, and figurines belonging from ancient times.

Traditions And Customs

Some traditions that people follow on National Bird Day are reading books about birds such as the Audubon Book authored by John James Audubon, building birdhouses in the backyard or garden, and feeding birds. Donations are also customary to mark this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Bird Day

The ideal way to observe this special day is bird adoption. Future bird owners particularly need to be acquainted with the varying traits and habits of different species before adopting birds. On National Bird Day, you can just take a book about birds, relax with a cup of coffee, and gather some knowledge about different avian species around you. If you're the owner of a pet bird, then you can offer some special bird treats to it. Birds like parrots and parakeets love to feed on seeds, nuts, and even grapes! You can also make some generous donations to the nearby bird sanctuary.

Facts And Stats

  • National Bird Day was founded with the objective of spreading avian awareness among all sections of society. The purpose was to open people's eyes to the plight of these feathered species.
  • Over half a million bid lovers celebrate this day annually through birdwatching, hiking, and different fun activities.
  • On every National Bird Day, citizen scientists and bird researchers come together to share their collective information about their favorite birds and where to find them. This helps the bird researchers and gives an opportunity to learn for the citizens who love bird watching.

FAQs About National Bird Day

What bird day is today?

On May 4, it is National Bird Day.

When is National Bird Day 2021?

National Bird Day was observed on May 4 in 2021, a Tuesday.

How is National Bird Day Celebrated?

Bird lovers celebrate this day by engaging in bird watching, feeding birds, and participating in several constructive activities to secure the well-being of both wild as well as captive birds.

Where is National Bird Day celebrated?

It is celebrated in the US.

What day is National Bird Day this coming year?

In 2022, the National Bird Day is scheduled to be observed on May 4, which is a Wednesday.

What are other holidays similar to National Bird Day?

Some other holidays that have offered spotlight to both wild and captive birds are World Sparrow Day, International Migratory Bird Day, and Bird Day.

How do I celebrate National Bird Day?

The best way to contribute to the welfare of birds is by adopting rescued and abandoned birds rather than buying pets from stores. Apart from adoption, you can learn about the characteristics of birds and their current conservation status while also imparting moral value to other people around.

What is the significance of National Bird Day?

This annual event is observed to generate public awareness about endangered birds and encourage people to engage actively in bird conservation.

What is the History of Bird Day?

Charles Almanzo Babcock was the founder of Bird Day. This day was the first holiday declared for birds and was aimed at commemorating the flocks of migratory birds that arrive in America each year.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 03, 2020 Sunday
May 03, 2021 Monday
May 03, 2022 Tuesday
May 03, 2023 Wednesday
May 03, 2024 Friday

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