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National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

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Where is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day Celebrated? 

The National Bittersweet Chocolate Day is celebrated in the United States of America. 

Who is the National Bittersweet Chocolate Day celebrated by?

Bittersweet Chocolate or Dark Chocolate lovers all over America celebrate this day, and everyone has their own way of celebrating this day.

When did National Bittersweet Chocolate Day first start? 

There is not much information available about the starting of this national event. 

Who started National Bittersweet Chocolate Day? 

As with the history of the start of the day, there is also no information available about the creators or founders of this day. However, it is interesting that a bunch of people found this chocolate so intriguing that a national day was created and is annually observed in the celebration of Bittersweet chocolate. 

Dessert recipes can be elevated to the next level with the usage of bittersweet chocolate.

History And Timeline

As mentioned, there is not a lot of documented history about the beginnings or evolution of the National Bittersweet chocolate day to trace its timeline. However, there is some documented history about bittersweet chocolate which we will discuss in this section. 

1900 BC

Bittersweet Chocolate Developed

Bittersweet chocolate is known to have existed for about 3000 years. Taken from the Tropical Theobroma Cacao Trees, bittersweet chocolate is known to first be developed around 1900 BC in central and southern parts of America; in the form of a beverage.

16th Century

Introduced to Europe

In the 1500s, the Spanish took dark chocolate to Europe, added honey and sugar to it to sweeten it.

17th Century

Invention of Milk Chocolate

In the 1600s, a Jamaican man named Hans Sloane added milk to dark chocolate in order to try a new flavor and thus invented milk chocolate.

19th Century

Condensed milk added to dark chocolate

In the 1800s, Henri Nestle and Daniel Peter were known for making milk chocolate more popular by adding condensed milk to darker chocolate concoctions, to create a less bitter taste.

20th and 21st Centuries

Wide usage of bittersweet chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate became the most commonly used baking ingredient for its versatility which included their ability to transform wonderfully into any flavor added to them, retaining their richness and indulgence. As they became popular, several experiments and studies around them led to the discovery of their various health benefits including a good amount of minerals like magnesium and manganese, high fiber and iron content; their quality of being rich in antioxidants, their benefit in lowering bad cholesterol and their rich composition of flavonols which help arteries relax, thereby allowing better blood flow.


Traditions And Customs

While there are no prescribed traditions and customs to celebrate this national event, chocolate lovers all over the world have their own way of celebrating the existence of this rich and decadent indulgence, which is also known for having many health benefits. Bittersweet chocolate can be enjoyed as a hot beverage, or in the form of a chocolate bar. 

Ways to Observe or Celebrate National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

While some enjoy hot chocolate made out of bittersweet chocolate, others may simply eat and opt for a quality bittersweet chocolate bar on this day. So, you may organize a chocolate party with your friends and create some interesting chocolate recipes.

Try some bittersweet chocolate liquor on top of vanilla ice cream for a flavorful dessert.

Facts And Stats

  • National Bittersweet Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on January 10.
  • Different chocolate companies organize events on National Bittersweet Chocolate Day.
  • Discounts and promotions are run by local chocolate boutiques on this national day.

FAQs About National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

What is another name for bittersweet chocolate?

Bittersweet chocolate is also known popularly as Dark Chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate.

Is 70% chocolate bittersweet?

Yes, bittersweet chocolate comes in various formulations, 70% chocolate is one of the most common forms of bittersweet chocolate. However, in some cases, 70% may also be considered semi-sweet or a sweetened form of some darker chocolates.

Is 72% chocolate considered bittersweet?

72% is more bitter than 70%, therefore more towards bittersweet than 70% but can be considered semi-sweet by some who just consider 80% as bittersweet chocolate.

How is bittersweet chocolate made?

To make bittersweet chocolate, cacao seeds are extracted from the cacao bean, and fermented. After fermentation is complete, the seeds are cleaned, dried, and roasted over low flame. Post this, the seeds are shelled to get cacao nibs. These nibs are ground to turn them into a liquid form which is pure chocolate. This chocolate liqueur is then mixed with sugar, fat, and a little vanilla to create bittersweet chocolate.

What percentage is bittersweet chocolate?

80% chocolate is a standard level of chocolate considered bittersweet. The 70%-79% range dangles between semi-sweet and bittersweet and differs based on certain factors.

What is bittersweet chocolate?

Any chocolate which has a high percentage of chocolate and very low sugar composition and no milk is known as bittersweet chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate is a flavor of chocolate that is milder than darker chocolates but stronger than semi-sweet, milk, and white chocolates which are a sweetened form of chocolate. They contain a lesser concentration of chocolate and more milk or condensed milk.

How to make bittersweet chocolate sweet?

Bittersweet chocolate can be made sweet by adding sugar or honey or other forms of sweeteners to it. Cane Sugar and honey are the most commonly used substances, however, if you are diabetic, artificial sweeteners may be helpful too.

What can I substitute for bittersweet chocolate?

When thinking of a substitute for bittersweet chocolate, cocoa powder is the first thing that comes to mind. Cocoa powder with sugar and butter is the most commonly used substitute for bittersweet chocolate.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
January 10, 2020 Friday
January 10, 2021 Sunday
January 10, 2022 Monday
January 10, 2023 Tuesday
January 10, 2024 Wednesday

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