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National Blueberry Popsicle Day

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Where is National Blueberry Popsicle Day celebrated?

National Blueberry Popsicle Day is celebrated in the United States every year.

Who is National Blueberry Popsicle Day celebrated by?

National Blueberry Popsicle Day is celebrated by everyone who loves and appreciates this popular Popsicle ice pop.

When did National Blueberry Popsicle Day first start?

It's not known when this day started; however, this day is celebrated by all lovers and admirers of blueberry popsicles.

Who started National Blueberry Popsicle Day? 

It is unknown who started National Blueberry Popsicle Day; however, September 2 is observed to honor the inventor of popsicles, Frank Epperson.

Popsicles were accidentally invented when some sugar soda powder and a starring stick were left on the porch during a cold night.

History And Timelines

Popsicles, since 1989, belongs to Good Humor-Breyers, a subsidy of Unilever. The first frozen ice popsicle was sold to the children of Nebraska from a horse-drawn cart by an ice cream man. Check out more exciting stories and facts about the history and timeline of blueberry popsicles.


Popsicle Was Invented

Frank Epperson accidentally invented Popsicles as he mixed some sugar and soda powder with water and a stirring stick and kept it on his porch during a cold night.


Popsicle Was First Introduced

Frank Epperson was a lemonade salesman in Oakland and Realty Syndicate Company, and he first introduced popsicles at a fireman's ball.


Selling Frozen Treat Ice Pops

Frank Epperson began to sell frozen pops to people at an amusement park in Alameda on Neptune Beach.


Popsicle Was Patented

Frank Epperson named his invented frozen treat 'Eppsicles', but kids insisted on 'Pop's sicles'. After that, this treat was patented, and he called his invention the Epsicle ice pop and later renamed it 'Popsicle'.


Popsicle Rights Were Sold

Frank Epperson eventually sold the rights of Popsicle Corporation to the Joe Lowe Company of New York.

Traditions And Customs

On this day, lovers of blueberry popsicles prepare their favorite frozen mix on a stirring stick at home in honor of Frank Epperson. People celebrate this day with friends and family members by sharing their favorite delicious blueberry popsicles. People who appreciate this cool summer treat made of blueberries share wishes, and images, update their status pictures on social media platforms, and express love for their favorite popsicle flavor.

Ways To Celebrate National Blueberry Popsicle Day

One way to celebrate this holiday is to buy a box of your favorite blueberry popsicle mix choice and relish them during the summer weather. You can also create your recipe of frozen ice on a stick by making a mixture of blueberries, sugar, water, and lemon juice and freezing them to solid. Adding Greek yogurt or plain vanilla into the mix will enhance its taste. You can celebrate this day by using the hashtag on social media platforms and involving your friends in the celebrations. 

Facts And Stats

Apart from National Blueberry Popsicle Day, National V-J Day is also celebrated on September 2, 2022.

Another holiday that is celebrated on this day is World Coconut Day.

On this day, people worldwide try out different blueberry popsicle recipes.

FAQs About National Blueberry Popsicle Day

What day is National Blueberry Popsicle Day?

National Blueberry Popsicle Day is celebrated by all popsicle lovers in honor of their inventor on September 2, 2022.

How long does it take for a popsicle to melt on National Blueberry Popsicle Day?

The time required for a popsicle to melt will vary depending on the consistency level of the popsicle, the temperature, and the heat index of the surroundings. If using an oven, it will start melting within less than 15 seconds.

What is in a popsicle, as mentioned on National Blueberry Popsicle Day?

Popsicles are ice pops and one of the favorite dessert treats, including flavored juice and sugar, frozen.

Why do most girls like National Blueberry Popsicle Day?

The blueberry popsicles are one of the best-preferred summer desserts not only by girls but everyone who loves and appreciates the blue color and the flavor of this popular berry.

Why are kids so excited for National Blueberry Popsicle Day?

September 2 is a day full of surprises and a fun time for kids as they are either gifted with their favorite blueberry popsicle ice pops or their preferred choice of ice pops. This is an opportunity to be out in the sun with their friends and relatives, enjoying their favorite cool popsicles as summer treats.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
September 01, 2020 Tuesday
September 01, 2021 Wednesday
September 01, 2022 Thursday
September 01, 2023 Friday
September 01, 2024 Sunday

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