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National Bookshop Day

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Where is National Bookshop Day celebrated? 

National Bookshop Day is an event celebrated in the United Kingdom.

Who is National Bookshop Day celebrated by?

National Bookshop Day is celebrated by people who are associated with the book trade. It may include publishers, authors, local bookshops, book lovers, and booksellers.

When did National Bookshop Day first start?

National Bookshop Day was first launched on October 8, 2013.

Who started National Bookshop Day?

National Bookshop Day was initiated by the Booksellers Association.

Support your local book shop and celebrate National Bookshop Day.

History And Timeline

When was the last time you went to a local bookshop? It might have been a long time ago and that's why an event like National Bookshop Day needs to be celebrated. It allows the publishers, bookstore owners, and even the writers to tell their stories through hosting these events. So, let's learn a bit about the things that might have driven such an occasion.

300 BC

Foundation Of Library

This was when the Alexandrian library was founded and it needed to have books. So, the selling and buying of books were initiated at this time to procure the texts.


Opening Of Hatchards

Hatchards is the oldest bookstore in the UK. It was opened by John Hatchard in Piccadilly, London, and it still continues to operate, now as a part of Waterstones.


Licensing Booksellers

Napoleon was the first to create the need for booksellers to have licenses to prove their capability of selling books in stores.


Establishment Of Amazon

Jeff Bezos found books to have a good potential for selling online, so he created as a platform for selling books.


National Bookshop Day Launched

The event was established as an initiative to encourage more people to visit local bookstores to get their books, instead of buying online.

Traditions And Customs

There are no specific traditions or customs attached to this event. But, every year, partners organize the 'Books Are My Bag' campaign to celebrate the day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Bookshop Day

 If in the UK, talk to local stores about the events they are planning to organize and you can join them. You can also browse the internet to find information about other stores celebrating events. If in another country, try to visit a local bookstore on the day to browse their collection and appreciate the work they are doing to spread literature.

Facts And Stats

  • In 2016, the 'Five Go Bookselling' pamphlet was written by Bruno Vincent to commemorate the event of National Bookshop Day.
  • Every year on this day, the Booksellers Association launches a limited edition 'Books Are My Bag' tote bag for the event, collaborating with artists and illustrators.
  • More than a thousand bookshops in the UK and Ireland take part in and benefit from the event.

FAQs About National Bookshop Day

What are some advantages of National Bookshop Day?

There are several advantages, like promoting bookshops and encouraging people to buy more books from bookshops, as well as recognizing the work of staff present in a shop.

Who discovered National Bookshop Day?

National Bookshop Day was launched by the Booksellers Association to encourage more people to visit physical local bookstores.

How are book lovers promoting National Bookshop Day?

Book lovers promote the event in many ways, including posting about it on their social media, encouraging friends and family to visit bookstores, and even generally advocating about the state of bookstores.

How can celebrating National Bookshop Day benefit students?

Students can learn a lot about how a bookshop is run by celebrating the event and they can become more encouraged to read more books or visit bookshops.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 08, 2020 Thursday
October 08, 2021 Friday
October 08, 2022 Saturday
October 08, 2023 Sunday
October 08, 2024 Tuesday

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