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National Brazilian Blowout Day

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Where is National Brazilian Blowout Day celebrated?  

With its origin being in Brazil, the National Brazilian Blowout day soon gained popularity all over the United States of America.

Who is National Brazilian Blowout Day celebrated by?

National Brazilian Blowout Day is commemorated for hair care and can be celebrated by people with various hair types. Although primarily popular among women, men can also observe this day.

When did National Brazilian Blowout Day first start?

National Brazilian Blowout Day was first celebrated on August 21, 2014. It gained a lot of popularity as everyone taking the treatment would receive a personal stylist and services highly customized according to the hair types and comfort of the customer.

Who started National Brazilian Blowout Day?

Although the first Brazilian Blowout day was first celebrated in 2014, the trend of this treatment was started by Patrick Alès, a Spanish hairdresser. However, the basic technique gets credited to Ribiero Paulo, the hairdresser of Kathy Ireland.

History And Timeline

Get rid of frizzy hair this summer by celebrating Brazilian Blowout Day.

Since Patrick Alès started his 'blow dry' technique of hair treatment of this Brazilian blowout service to grow a protective protein layer around the hair cuticle, it has expanded upon the people of the States. Let us take a look at how it all started!


Patrick Alès discovers 'Le Brushing.'

This was the first step toward setting up the stage for the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Patrick Alès invented the 'Le Brushing' technique, which is a form of blowing your hair dry healthily.  


Brazilian Blowout

Ribiero Paulo was the hairstylist of Kathy Ireland. He developed the Brazilian Blowout technique to keep the models' hair straight for over a week.


Becoming a Trend

As the 'Le Brushing' technique got recognized throughout Europe, the process of Brazilian Blowout started gaining momentum in Brazil as it became a trend.


The start of a National Day

The first National Brazilian Blowout Day gets celebrated on August 21, 2014, and a holiday was declared around the Nation of Brazil.


Website Launch

To ease up remembering the date, Brazilian blowout followers create a website with the same name to gain more followers and spread the word about celebrating the day.

Traditions And Customs

The website of Brazilian Blowout promotes the day by sharing everything there is to know about the process on all their social media handles. Salons all over the world promote the day by offering discounts.

Ways To Celebrate National Brazilian Blowout Day

You can visit a certified salon near you to give some attention to your hair after a vacation at the beach.

You can start a trend on social media promoting the treatment.

Facts And Stats

 The Brazilian blowout technique is available only in certified salons.

The hair texture is maintained throughout the treatment.

FAQs About National Brazilian Blowout Day

Why are Brazilian blowouts illegal?

Due to the Blowout technique containing formaldehyde, the process has been declared toxic by the FDA but hasn't been banned.

Is Brazilian Blowout banned in Canada?

Yes. Brazilian Blowout is banned in Canada owing to the dangerous levels of formaldehyde in the flat iron technique.

How much is a typical Brazilian Blowout?

There are several options to choose from for a Brazilian Blowout treatment. It ranges from $75 and may even cost up to $325.

What are the disadvantages of celebrating National Brazilian Blowout Day?

Getting treatments done on your hair shaft for celebrating the day may cause allergic reactions. So, only choose a certified salon and get scalp-tested before opting for the process.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
August 21, 2020 Friday
August 21, 2021 Saturday
August 21, 2022 Sunday
August 21, 2023 Monday
August 21, 2024 Wednesday

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