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National Cake Day

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Where is National Cake Day celebrated? 

 National Cake Day is celebrated in the United States.

Who is National Cake Day celebrated by?

 National Cake Day is celebrated by all the citizens of the country that love cakes.

When did National Cake Day first start?

 Unfortunately, no information could be gathered regarding the start of National Cake Day.

Who started National Cake Day?

No one has claimed credit for starting this delightful national food holiday in spite of its nation-wide fame.

Sugar is an important ingredient for cakes.

History And Timeline

The history of cakes is full of interesting facts. The same can be said about National Cake Day. Here are some facts you should know before celebrating National Cake Day.


Cakes Baked With Eggs

Bakers found out eggs are far more helpful in baking cakes than yeast.

The '30s

Cake In A Box

Cake mix in a box was introduced for the first time to serve poor Americans during the Great Depression.

The '40s

Cake Sales Face Loss

Box cake sales plunged as people became bored with the same cake recipe.

The '50s

Baking Methods Improve

Housewives started baking decorative cakes as the baking utilities improved. Such cakes began to catch everyone's attention.


Variation In Cakes

A large variety of cakes were introduced while traditional cake recipes remained a classic.

Traditions And Customs

On National Cake Day, you can start the day by baking a traditional cake, like chocolate or vanilla, or try your hand at a fancier cake with a nice icing spread and fun toppings, like nuts. Another fun way to enjoy this day is by purchasing your favorite dessert cakes from your local store and enjoying them all with your loved ones. Or, why not host a cake baking party to see who can make the best cake?

Ways To Celebrate National Cake Day

You can participate in National Cake Day by eating cake or baking one with common ingredients like baking powder, baking soda, milk, sugar, flour, and beaten eggs. You can also host a cake decorating party at home with your friends and eat as many flavors as you want.

Facts And Stats

  • Housewives became more creative with cake frosting as baking became easier. This was the beginning of modern-day designer cakes.
  • There are many flavors of cakes such as chocolate, red velvet, yeast cakes, butter cakes, and sponge cakes. All of them are in high demand on National Cake Day.
  • This day is usually marked by the endless eating of cakes in almost every household.

FAQs About National Cake Day

What day is National Cake Day?

National Cake Day will be celebrated on November 26, 2022. The day falls around Thanksgiving so that the two food holidays can match.

Why do we celebrate National Cake Day?

National Cake Day is celebrated every year on November 26 to appreciate the most delicious baking invention in history, cakes.

Who invented cake and when?

Historians believe that the ancient Egyptians showed promising baking skills and were possibly the first to bake cakes.

What is the significance of National Cake Day?

National Cake Day gives people the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything baked and sweet, and to eat cake to their heart's desire.

What is the history and origin of national Cake Day?

The history and the origin of National Cake Day are unknown. Those who oversee the National Day Calendar are trying to trace the day's source.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
November 25, 2020 Wednesday
November 25, 2021 Thursday
November 25, 2022 Friday
November 25, 2023 Saturday
November 25, 2024 Monday

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