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National Cheddar day

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Where is National Cheddar Day celebrated?

National Cheddar Day is celebrated all over the United States.

Who is National Cheddar Day celebrated by?

Irrespective of age, all the cheese lovers celebrate this day.

When did National Cheddar Day first start?

National Cheddar Day was first started in 2019. Since then the event has been celebrated every year on February 13.

Who started National Cheddar Day?

To mark their 110th anniversary, Tillamook, a dairy company in Oregon, started this event.

Slice or shredded, enjoy as much cheddar as you want on this day.

History And Timeline

There is not much information available about the history of the day because it is not old enough, however, there are certain intriguing events in the history of cheddar cheese that you will find interesting.

12th century

Invention Of Cheddar

In Somerset, England, the first cheddar cheese was produced from cow's milk. Till today cheesemakers follow somewhat the same recipe.


Beginning Of Tillamook Cheese

Peter McIntosh introduced his cheese-making skills to the people of Tillamook County. He taught the recipe to the locals and wrote the prelude to the creation of the best cheddar cheese in the US.


Establishing Tillamook Creamery

Once the people of Tillamook County became the master of cheddar-making, they established Tillamook County Creamery Association.

The '40s

Government Cheddar

In England, most of the milk was used to produce cheddar cheese during the Second World War and the decade that followed. The cheese was nicknamed 'Government Cheddar' and wiped out almost all other cheese production in the country.


Founding Of National Cheddar Cheese Day

The event was started by Tillamook to mark and celebrate its 110th anniversary.

Traditions And Customs

It is time for us to think about the importance of cheddar in our lives and in the making of our favorite dishes. Without cheddars, grilled cheese would have been only bread and butter, mac and cheese would have been only mac, and cheddar fries would have been regular fries. On this day, we should just appreciate this invention that brings a divine flavor to our dishes and to the world of food.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Cheddar Day

You can host a cheddar-themed party at home. Buy different kinds of cheddar cheeses and play a cheese tasting competition with your friends and family members.

If you cannot throw a party, then bring different kinds of cheeses and taste them in your free time, just to celebrate the event.

Finally, do not forget to share something nice on social media to inform others about this event.

Facts And Stats

  • Joseph Harding is known as the 'father of cheddar' for inventing modern cheddar-making techniques. According to him, the ideal quality of original cheddar should be firm and close in texture, mellow in character or quality. For his contribution, Harding deserves to be remembered and appreciated on this day.
  • In 2020, the United States produced six million pounds of cheddar cheese. No wonder why the country has a national holiday dedicated to cheddar cheese.
  • In 2022, we will be celebrating the third National Cheddar Day on a Sunday.

FAQs About National Cheddar day

What day is National Cheddar Day?

National Cheddar Day is on February 13, and this year it's a Sunday.

What is the significance of National Cheddar Day?

It celebrates the brilliant invention that covers more than one-third of all the cheese sold in the US and more than half in the UK.

How is National Cheddar Day different from National Cheese Day?

While the latter is dedicated to any kind of cheese, the former celebrates only cheddar cheese. 

Why do people love National Cheddar Day?

It gives them an excuse for eating cheddar or the dishes that require cheddar.

What is special about National Cheddar Day?

Cheddar is one of the most loved cheeses in the US, and this event is an opportunity to celebrate it.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
February 13, 2020 Thursday
February 13, 2021 Saturday
February 13, 2022 Sunday
February 13, 2023 Monday
February 13, 2024 Tuesday

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