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National Chess Day

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Where is National Chess Day celebrated? 

National Chess Day is widely celebrated in America.

Who celebrates National Chess Day?

People who love to play chess passionately honor this day.

When did National Chess Day start?

National Chess Day was initiated on October 9, 1976.

Who started National Chess Day?

Former US President Gerald Ford marked the beginning of this annual celebration.

Rules in chess are intriguing.

History And Timeline

Although the day began with Gerald Ford, the game has its roots in ancient times, with it being played for centuries.

16th century

First Master Of Chess

Ruy Lopez is considered to be the first master of chess. He is famous for inventing the opening move in his name, but he is also renowned for analyzing it in the book he wrote in 1561.


Staunton Pieces In Chess

Howard Staunton was the greatest chess player during the mid 19th century. He promoted a unique style of chess pieces that were easily recognizable, stable on the board, and pleasing to the eyes. This idea was turned to reality by designer Nathaniel Cook.


First Formal Chess Tournament

Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky participated in the first chess tournament. Anderssen won this 'Immortal Game' with three minor pieces.


Computer Beats World Champion

Garry Kasparov lost to IBM's 'Deep Blue in a rematch.' It defeated Kasparov in 34 moves.


Current World Champion

Magnus Carlsen has remained undefeated ever since he had acquired the number one position in 2011. He remained on a 120-game streak in standard time controls.

Traditions And Customs

There are no strict traditions to follow on this day.

Ways To Observe Or Celebrate National Chess Day

Celebrating National Chess Day can be more accessible than the game itself. You can participate in a friendly competition or tournament, get yourself a new chess variant, teach someone how to play the game, or enroll yourself in a local organization to sharpen your skills!

Facts And Stats

  • The very second book in English was on chess. You can try reading it on this day!
  • Many special tournaments are held on National Chess Day!
  • In theory, the longest chess game will have 5940 moves. Try figuring out those moves this time on this National Chess Day.

FAQs About National Chess Day

Why is National Chess Day celebrated?

National Chess Day is celebrated as the 38th US President, Gerald Ford, believed the game sharpens the human mind and 'tests, human faculties.'

How do we celebrate National Chess Day?

Participate in a healthy competition with friends or family members, learn more about the game and teach kids how to play.

What is the significance of National Chess Day?

This day was introduced to encourage people to play chess and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Who invented chess and when?

Earliest form of chess can be traced back to India in the fifth century, where it was called 'shatranj.'

When is National Chess Day in 2022?

National Chess Day in 2022 falls on October 8, the second Saturday of October.

Who started National Chess Day?

President Gerald Ford started the day.

What is the history and origins of National Chess Day?

President Gerald Ford wanted to introduce a game that rises above being 'fun.' He dedicated a day to this rewarding game and honored it.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
October 09, 2020 Friday
October 08, 2021 Friday
October 07, 2022 Friday
October 13, 2023 Friday
October 11, 2024 Friday

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