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National Chocolate Chip Day

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Where is National Chocolate Chip Day celebrated?

National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the United States.

Who is National Chocolate Chip Day celebrated by?

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is celebrated passionately by all American citizens.

When did National Chocolate Chip Day start?

Not much is known about its start by historians! 

Who started National Chocolate Chip Day?

Rush Graves inspired the celebration of National Chocolate Chip Day.

Chocolate lovers always say that there is no such thing as excess chocolate.

History And Timeline

Chocolate chip cookies are a very important component of recipes around the world. Any sweet recipe with chocolate chip cookies turns out to be delicious!


Ruth Graves Discovers The Greatness

In 1938, Ruth Graves Wakefield invented chocolate chips which were an instant hit. She used to run a restaurant with her husband before this discovery.


Change Of Name

Originally, this chocolate chip cookie was known as Toll House Cookie. Since its discovery, the chocolate chip cookie has had many variations, all from this simple invention!


A Deal Of A Lifetime

Chocolate chips were made from a Nestle chocolate bar by Ruth Graves. Later, in 1939, A deal was signed between the two parties to include chocolate chips in the recipe of the chocolate bar. In return for this, Ruth Graves was given a lifetime supply of her chocolate chips’ (or chocolate chip cookie) inspired chocolate bars by Nestle!


Choco Chips

Commerical production of choco chips started in the US.


Too Much Cookie!

It is estimated that an average American eats around 35,000 choco-chip cookies in a lifetime.

Traditions And Customs

There are two types of ways in which people celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Some people are interested in crunching into tasty chocolate treats that include chocolate chips. Chocolate delicacies are something that people devour throughout the year, but this day is special due to the excess sugar content.

Some of the biggest chocolate companies like Cadbury and Nestle have made some of the most iconic chocolate bars in history. Even the cheaper ones are so tasty that it is hard not to get addicted!

Others try to bake some chocolate cookies, buy the chocolate chip cookie packets from markets and invite friends and families to enjoy these chocolate delicacies. Making dough and getting the correct amount of sugar is very important to make perfect chocolate dishes! A dough is made with a combination of flour and water. The dough is very squishy, so you can have a lot of fun kneading it!

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day

We saw before that there are two ways to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day. The first one includes buying as much chocolate as you can purchase and devouring them, and enjoying yourself to the core. The second method comprises buying as many chocolate chips as possible and inviting as many people as you can to invite the dishes you plan to make with those chocolate chips.

Let’s see what you need to make chocolate chip cookies (apart from dough and sugar). The recipe includes baking soda, salt, butter (would be better if it’s unsalted), vanilla extract, egg (which is optional), milk, and dry fruits (also optional).

There are thousands of videos on the internet that can easily teach you how to make cookies. Ovens have made the process of baking cookies easier. Time to take out your gloves to make some tasty cookies, eh?

Facts And Stats

  • On National Chocolate Chip Day, some interesting ways to use chocolate chips include - eating them raw, making hot fudge, dipping strawberries in those chocolate chips, and cupcake fillings.
  • On National Chocolate Chip Day, you can get great discounts from different bakeries serving these cookies.
  • National Chocolate Chip Day is not the same as National Chocolate Day.

FAQs About National Chocolate Chip Day

Why is today National Chocolate Chip Day?

Well, if you’re reading this on May 15, Happy National Chocolate Chip Day. I hope you have a delicious day!

Is May 15 the National Chocolate Chip Day?

Yes, it is. The modification of this day happens on August 4 (National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day).

Why is it National Chocolate Chip Day?

This day has that name to celebrate chocolate chips.

What day is National Chocolate Chip Day in 2021?

May 15, 2021, was a Saturday.

National Chocolate Chip Day: where to find the best cookie deals?

Online marketplace Amazon can give you the best deals. Otherwise, you may explore your local market as well.

What day is National Chocolate Chip Day?

National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated on May 15 every year.

Who is celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day?

Generally, people in the United States celebrate this day; since chocolate is for everyone, anyone can celebrate it.

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When Is This Day Celebrated

Date Day
May 14, 2020 Thursday
May 14, 2021 Friday
May 14, 2022 Saturday
May 14, 2023 Sunday
May 14, 2024 Tuesday

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